Swansea University: Providing a foundation for your professional success
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Swansea University: Providing a foundation for your professional success

Swansea University stands proud as the best university in Wales and one of the top in the UK, named as a result of the popular student vote.

While for most international students it may not stand as one of the most recognisable names in UK education, its excellent standard of teaching and high calibre graduates means it enjoys widespread recognition from employers.

Swansea climbed into the UK’s Top 15 for graduate prospects according to the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2017, with nearly 83 percent of graduates in professional level employment or further study soon after graduation. This puts it well above some of the more recognised Russell Group universities that are considered to be the top tier of UK higher learning.

A driving force behind respect from employers are the outstanding teaching standards at the University.

Classes here are passionately research-led and practice-driven, resulting in well-informed theory paired with practical opportunities.

This approach has earned Swansea a Silver Award from the Teaching Excellence Framework. The assessment discovered that students from all backgrounds achieve excellent outcomes and very high proportions of students continue with their studies or progress to highly-skilled employment or further study, notably exceeding the benchmark.

The quality of courses also ensures students leave job-ready upon graduation. Where possible, all degree programmes receive professional accreditation, making employers confident Swansea graduates can enter the workforce and be productive from day one.

While excellent teaching and professional-standard courses are of course the cornerstone of great education and future employment, it is the University’s numerous employment initiatives that really sets it apart.

For any international students who may want to give their English language skills a boost to gain business-standard conversation expertise, Swansea offers you the chance to build on your current skillets with classes from the English Language Training Services running alongside your degree. They also provide services for you to learn another language that’ll give your resume that added boost.

Language skills are just the beginning though, as the Employability Academy can provide you with help and advice on looking for a job and how to gain those skills that will make you stand out from the crowd. Workshops, employer talks, and guidance through the application process prepares you for what’s to come after graduation.

The University also maintains strong links with industry through a business integration programme that is a win-win for both the business it works with and the University.

Businesses can come directly to the University to recruit their talented students both for graduate roles and work placements during their course. Swansea also provides a host of opportunities to network with some of the big players, both local and global, during careers fairs and other networking opportunities.

To show their absolute commitment to creating graduates that are sought-after by employers, Swansea has set up the Go Beyond programme that is dedicated to the delivery of an inclusive curriculum that equips students with the personal and professional skills needed to forge a successful future.

The programme is working on embedding the personal and professional skills required by businesses, organisations and industry within its comprehensive curriculum. As well as promoting technology-enhanced learning delivery so graduates are tech-savvy once they enter the tech-driven workforce, they are also increasing the range of opportunities available to students to study abroad, or to take part in volunteering and UK placement opportunities.

All of these are invaluable skills and experiences to have under your belt when applying for that first graduate job.

On top of all the dedicated employment initiatives at the University, there are also the copious amount of co-curricular activities that develop employability skills such as the students’ union and athletic union societies, as well as various social and leisure activities.

Given its beautiful coastal location, Swansea affords its students a whole array of outdoor and social activities that can kick-start exciting ventures you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Surrounded by mature parkland and botanical gardens, and on the edge of the beautiful Gower Peninsula, Swansea University is in one of the UK’s most stunning natural regions.

This, teamed with an enviable social scene repeatedly gets Swansea University recognised for having one of the best student experiences in UK education, with its social facilities and activities rated 2nd and 3rd according to the THE Student Experience Survey.

As a university that combines world-class education with first-rate opportunities, Swansea is able to craft well-rounded and job-ready graduates, eager to enter the workforce.

It is this heady amalgamation of excellent teaching, research-led learning, incredible employment support and a plethora of opportunities for both personal and professional development, that keeps Swansea University at the forefront of employers’ minds when it comes to looking for their next star hire.

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