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Education is as much about what you learn as it is about the places that it can take you in your career and life. In a world that values mobility, adaptability and a global outlook, having an international education is no longer just a consideration. With the right choices and taking up opportunities that are otherwise unavailable studying closer to home, it can be the difference that separates graduates from the pack in their pursuit of success.

With over 2 million unique visitors every month, and with 86 million (and counting) visitors since our inception, Study International is an independent resource aimed at giving students, parents, educators and institutions a globally-inclined information hub with the latest news and trends in international education.

From early childhood education up to postgraduate studies, and every avenue and degree in between, Study International writes and produces content to inform the student and parent of the entire journey — from what you need to apply, to enrollment, to graduation and beyond.

Our team of dedicated education writers publish daily articles aimed at providing readers with the tools and information to make the right decisions not just when applying to schools, but also how they can best utilize their time abroad to make the most of the unique opportunity, ensuring their future success.

It’s a big world out there, with thousands of schools and an exponential amount of courses to choose from — we make it easier for students to find the right one.

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