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Swansea University: Where global Scholarships abound

“I definitely would recommend Swansea University to prospective students. Swansea offers an amazing place to live and study. Its location is beautiful, set in a very scenic and charming city. There is a vibrant student life and the staff and facilities will get you ready to take on the job market confidently.” – Nyasha Pedulu, 2014-15 Eira Davies Scholarship recipient, MSc Gerontology and Aging

An investment in education from Swansea University isn’t just a promise of a world-class degree, but also a first-rate experience at the Times and Sunday TimesWelsh University of the Year.

Named a UK Top 20 institution in terms of positive graduate prospects, ranking 14th in the UK and number one in Wales due to its graduates’ ability to secure professional-level jobs, it’s clear that Swansea represents a figurehead and pioneer of higher education in the heart of the UK.

“Since its establishment in 1920, this progressive university has proven that it is not afraid of challenges, nor of ambition,” says Professor Richard B. Davies, Vice-Chancellor of Swansea.

Source: Swansea University

“The University has been – and will continue to be – an outward-looking community which values and celebrates its links with Europe, and beyond,” he adds.

“Swansea University has been ranked among the world’s top 200 ‘most international universities’ by the Times Higher Education, and in these uncertain and challenging times, I am confident about the ability of this University to rise to meet the challenges and transform them into opportunities,” the Vice-Chancellor concludes.

With more than £1.5 million worth of scholarship funds exclusively available to Swansea students who hail from global roots, the institution strives to foster the international to its very core.

Swansea’s International Development Office offers a game-changing total of £6,000 to put towards the cost of undergraduate study, while postgraduate students can benefit from up to £4,000 regardless of their respective study fields. Additional subject-specific scholarships are also available for participants of Swansea’s Engineering, Management and Science, plus Human and Health-related subjects.

Source: Swansea University

Source: Swansea University

The College of Human and Health Sciences, for example, provides the Eira Francis Davies Scholarship; a postgraduate-taught scholarship programme that caters for ambitious female students looking to pursue a Masters in a related discipline. To be eligible, students must ordinarily reside one of the middle- or low-income countries outlined by the institution, while the full tuition fee scholarship is ultimately rewarded to the student who demonstrates academic prowess alongside financial need.

“My choice of University was led by the MSc programme I wanted to study,” says Nyasha Pedulu, an MSc student of Gerontology and Aging at Swansea. Originally from Harare, Nyasha won the University’s prestigious Eira Francis Davies Scholarship back in 2014, granting her the knowledge and stability needed to positively impact the world. “Among the Universities that offered this MSc,” she says, “Swansea University proved to be one of the highly recognised institutions in the field of the UK.”

But Swansea’s scholarship provisions are comprehensive and diverse, enriching students of the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and everything in between. Swansea’s Music students, for example, have access to an abundance of specialised scholarship opportunities. Through its University Instrumental and Joint Choral Scholarship schemes, both of which boast a value worth up to £1,000 a year, Swansea is helping its music virtuosos hone their talent and musicianship in a supportive and intrinsically creative learning environment.

Source: Swansea University

Source: Swansea University

The University is also whole-heartedly committed to promoting, endorsing and inspiring its most elite athletic applicants, presenting the likes of the Professional Athlete Scholarship; the Elite Athlete Scholarship; the BUCS Scholarship; the Sporting Excellence Scholarship; and the Sporting Excellence Bursary to give budding sportspeople the opportunity to truly thrive.

Sports-based scholarships give Swansea’s global applicants the flexibility to compete at the highest level within their chosen sport, while simultaneously earning an internationally-recognised degree from a top 30 UK research-intensive institution. When deciding which student is best suited to which scholarship, sporting staff at Swansea consider crucial factors, including the demonstration of exceptional athletic ability in the student’s chosen discipline.

On top of all this, the Money@CampusLife strategy at Swansea encompasses an award-winning team whose sole purpose is to help with finance-related issues. This experienced collection of professionals won the Financial Capability Engagement Award last year, and by making interactive Financial Capability Modules accessible to all students, this team really does provide the best advice when it comes to making the most of your money throughout your time abroad.

Source: Swansea University

Source: Swansea University

“The University community thrives on exploration and discovery, and offers the right balance of excellent teaching and research, matched by an enviable quality of life,” the institution explains.

“Swansea’s multicultural dual-campus community provides a global perspective and opportunities to gain skills that last a lifetime,” it concludes.

“True to the vision of its industrial founders…Swansea University will…Deliver an outstanding student experience…that produces global graduates educated and equipped for distinguished personal and professional achievement.”

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