Star-studded scholarships: Celebrities helping kids get into college

Jay-Z's namesake charity Shawn Carter Foundation is teaming up with eBay for Charity to help 'underprivileged youths' fund their college tuition fees. Source: Shutterstock

Earlier this week, bestselling hip-hop artist Jay-Z announced his namesake charitable organisation, Shawn Carter Foundation, is teaming up with eBay for Charity to help “underprivileged youths” fund their college tuition fees.

“Our goal is to touch as many people as we possibly can,” Carter told Billboard.

“There are so many young people – a lot of whom are first-generation students – who have the desire to attend college, but don’t have the funds. My mother and father taught us to pay it forward and give to the community. That was my inspiration for the foundation,” he said.

“It makes me feel so blessed to be put in a situation where I can help the next generation.”

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, follows the footsteps of other celebrities to offer financial aid to students to get into and through college.

Watch our video below to find out who these generous stars are.

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