5 reasons to study an Economics degree at Swansea University
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As a subject that remains real and relevant, the study of economics has always been a reliable path to pursue. In fact, research carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) shows that economics graduates are the second-highest earning graduates after medical students; good news for prospective economists – especially with the additional stress attached to tuition fees, and the uncertainty of life after graduation.

But there are plenty of factors that make the prospect of studying the subject so appealing, with Forbes reporting that the top 10 most popular degree-level subjects includes the topic of economics. An economics degree also maintains value and desirability in the midst of the digital era with economic graduates in professional jobs earning an average of £8,803 more than those in non-professional roles.

Although the job market is known to be tough and ever-changing, those who pursue an academic route to economics can rely on positive prospects, with a proven  array of subject-specific and transferable skills employers increasingly look for. “The skills you develop as an economist are very transferable…an ability to problem solve, handle strong data, communicate with both specialist and non-specialist audiences…” says Malindi Myers, Economist for the Office of National Statistics.

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She adds that students develop a wide range of communication skills – verbal, written and presentational – from working alongside people in a broad range of fields, also stating that graduates leave with skills most employers would prize. So, if you’re keen to delve into the world of economics, take your interest one step further with a degree from Swansea University – the top university in Wales, according to The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017.

So, if you’re weighing your options in the study of economics, here are 5 reasons to pursue a degree at the School of Management, Swansea University:

1. Students can choose to specialise

At Swansea’s School of Management, students can choose from a general Economics programme, or a joint degree specialising in business or finance. These programmes share a common first year, and give you ample time to reconsider options until the end of your first year. The extensive module catalogue also gives you the chance to tailor your degree and specialise in a variety of areas; including health, managerial and international economics.

Each of the following courses: BSc Economics, BSc Economics and Business, and BSc Economics and Finance also offer four-year programmes that include a year-long industrial placement during the third year. For those considering postgraduate education upon completion of their Bachelor’s, Swansea’s two new MSc courses in Economics and Economics & Finance will certainly prove their worth.

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2. Placement opportunities

The School of Management’s Placement Team works closely with each student to ensure they find a rewarding placement for the duration of the following year. This includes anything from project work, filling a short-term vacancy or working across several departments, it really doesn’t matter – as long as students can gain an understanding of how specific businesses operate as a whole. The School understands the importance of taking a year in industry, giving students the chance to showcase their abilities to a willing, potential employer.

The pursuit of a placement year allows students to gain greater knowledge and experience, which looks great on any CV in a competitive employment market. In recent years, Swansea’s economics students have secured placements with companies like ONS, Goldman Sachs and Toyota. “I learnt a lot about the skills I acquired on the placement year as well as realising my own key strengths one of which is problem solving. I had to think on my feet and was able to complete the tasks at hand with ease due to perfecting this skill with real work experience.” says James Mclaughlin, BSc Economics, 4th year current student.

3. The University’s stunning location

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It’s not often students can say their class overlooks a gorgeous beachside setting, but that’s exactly what students at Swansea University get to experience. Residing in picturesque parkland alongside the botanical gardens, the institution is positioned on the Swansea Bay beach on the coast of south-west Wales. Here, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to weekend endeavours, be they at the sandy beach or lively city centre. Fun fact: It is the only university in the world that has its own private stretch of beach for its students.

4. State of the art facilities

The School of Management, based on the Bay Campus, is a £450 million development located on the beach, giving students a fantastic view across Swansea Bay. The campus provides student accommodation, purpose-built classroom and research facilities designed with students in mind – including the Tower Information Centre, the Bay Library, the Students’ Union – several cafes, bars, the mini market, and a launderette. In addition, the institution boasts a sports club that provides an extensive list of team and competitive activities, including basketball, cycling, Jiu Jitsu, swimming, and many more.

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5. Research

Ranked in the Top 10 UK business schools for research impact, 60 percent of the University’s work is recognised as world-leading, seeking to produce innovative and multidisciplinary research activities by working with the community, industrial supporters and fellow students. Each research project that’s pursued not only makes a mark on the world, but also a difference. Projects led by the University include workplace conflict and resolutions, labour market inequalities, and the influencing policy in the areas of Employment and Public Sector Pay. For those interested in taking part, the institution offers a PhD programme in economics research, focusing on areas like macro- and micro-development, and labour economics.

Students who submit their application to Swansea University can look forward to so much; on top of a brand-new campus and fantastic facilities, you’re guaranteed a solid academic programme and an unforgettable student experience.

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