easiest degrees for international students
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If you do a quick Google search for the “easiest degrees for international students,” you’ll notice that most suggested degrees are creative degrees

But how truly easy as these degrees?

The thing is, you can’t determine whether a degree is easy or hard for everyone.

How easy or how hard a degree is varies according to one’s academic background, language proficiency and interest, among other factors.

There are, however, some factors that can help you pick a degree that best matches your interests and capabilities.

For example, social science courses such as sociology, philosophy and journalism tend to be more essay-driven so students are expected to write a lot. 

Choosing these courses might be a struggle for international students who may not have a strong enough command of English. 

On the other hand, there are more technical subjects such as engineering, maths and business administration that don’t have an emphasis on the English language.

This also means that there will be minimal writing required. 

What if you fall somewhere in between? That is, you’re good at English but it takes time for you to write well in this language.

Or you’re only okay with English, but enjoy learning the language and writing essays in it.

If this is the case, you can still join social science programmes but find one with mixed exam formats.

Many programmes assess students through a balance of exams and essay-based assignments. 

6 easiest degrees for international students who hate writing essays

1. Fashion design

easiest degrees for international students

For fashion enthusiasts, fashion design is an excellent degree choice for you. Source: Cristian Hernandez/AFP

Fashion design is among the easiest degrees for international students who are creative and passionate about fashion.

This subject focuses on visual and hands-on learning. You’ll be sketching, drawing, draping, and textile selections — skills that are required of a fashion designer.

Students will also learn theories, concepts and the history of fashion designing.

2. Computer science

Computer science majors mostly work with computers and code. There won’t be many lab reports or essays required of you.

Instead, you’ll have to write code fragments in computers, solve mathematical equations, and develop applications.

Beware, though. Just because it doesn’t require much essay writing doesn’t mean learning computer science is easy.

According to the National Science Board, 30% to 50% of STEM college students do not complete their degrees.

3. Maths

easiest degrees for international students

Pursuing a maths degree doesn’t require any form of essay writing which are great for students who are strong with numbers but lack a strong command of English. Source: Safin Hamed/AFP

One of the easiest degrees for international students who are good with numbers but bad with words is mathematics.

A maths degree is often offered in two forms: a bachelor’s of arts or a bachelor’s of science. Just like every other undergraduate programme, there will be both coursework and exam involved.

This includes complex calculations, mathematical proofs, and challenging problem-solving exams.

4. Business administration 

Unlike finance and accounting, business administration offers a broader knowledge of the different aspects of business operation and management.

Courses will have you crunching numbers, in math and economics modules.

You’ll still have to write essays but you won’t need great English to write them, making this one of the easiest degrees for international students for whom English is not their first language.

5. Engineering

easiest degrees for international students

Engineering students can branch out into a diverse range of specializations, including software engineering, aerospace engineering and biomedical engineering. Source: Maria Giulia Trombini/AFP

Engineering is a broad field of study. An engineering curriculum takes an interdisciplinary application of mathematics and sciences on processes, systems, machines, and structures.

It often integrates more advanced applied mathematics and science than other science degree programs.

Other than lab reports, you will deal with numbers and formulas a majority of the time.

6. Architecture 

Architecture students can expect to spend long hours in studios honing technical and creative skills to design structures that suit the requirements of their clients.

You’ll need to show you can visualise, plan, solve problems and design. Writing essays in perfect grammar, while a bonus, is not completely necessary.