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Moravian University: Springboard for future success

Rocco Barone began his career at Merck — a pharmaceutical company — fresh out of college in 2004. Over the years, his chemistry degree from Moravian College got him far. He advanced the ranks in the company and had opportunities to apply his knowledge, but he knew it wasn’t enough. In 2016, he decided to return to the school that made him –– Moravian College. This time, however, for an MBA.

“It’s a great college and graduate school,” he says. “The way they approach education, keeping it a very close and more family-friendly setting, really sets it apart from other institutions.”

The open-dialogue element of his class stood out as well. By interacting with his professors, sharing his work experiences, and building on topics at hand, Barone was able to make solid connections between course material and real life. He was not just growing as a student but also professionally. Just a year into his programme, he landed the promotion he had his eye on –– leading Merck’s US clinical supply chain operations.

Inspiring stories of growth like Barone’s are a hallmark at Moravian College, which is all about progress and growth. Once upon a time, it was a quaint seminary reserved for women. It was also the first college to enrol women in 1742.

Soon, it became a robust, co-educational liberal arts university with a vast array of undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. It also began welcoming students from across the globe to enjoy an unparalleled learning experience. Recently, Moravian College became Moravian University. The change in status marks its new chapter and enduring commitment to excellence.

Currently, there are some 1,900 undergraduates and 600 postgraduates students enrolled. In a university that strives to change alongside its students’ needs, it’s hard not to be inspired.

A broad range of academic offerings

Here, all ambitions are welcomed. The university offers over 55 undergraduate programmes and more than 45 advanced degrees and certifications.

Source: Moravian University

Source: Moravian University

Aspiring undergraduates could choose to excel in some of its most popular areas of study, such as nursing, biological science, English, education, economics and business, or music. If students don’t instantly find what they’re looking for, they could always design their course with the help of a department advisor.

Their graduate degree programmes cover business, education, nursing, rehabilitation services, the arts, and behavioural health. Each area of study is delivered in intimate classrooms, through traditional, accelerated, and blended formats.

Moravian University is also committed to supporting its students. For instance, a whopping 100% of students receive some form of financial aid. With assistance from institutional, federal, state, and private sources, Moravian University invests over US$42 million annually in merit and need-based grants and scholarships.

An education here is just as effective as it is accessible. Almost 98% of the undergraduate Class of 2020 landed a job or began grad school within 10 months of graduating. Some are thriving at companies such as Olympus, AmeriCorps, Air Products, Deloitte, Penn Medicine, among many other successful organisations. Others have continued their educational journey at leading universities such as Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, and Thomas Jefferson University.

Promoting healthy bodies, minds, and souls

When students are ready to put their Macbook Pros and iPads aside –– yes, these are provided for free to keep –– they grow in other ways. One-fourth of Moravian students play NCAA Division III sports, while two-thirds participate in intramural, club, and recreational sports. Volunteering is a big part of life here too. Last year alone, students completed over 20,000 service hours.

Source: Moravian University

Source: Moravian University

There are also plenty of clubs and activities for students to choose from for their extracurricular involvement. These cater to students of varied interests. The Moravian Activities Council, for instance, hosts various events designed to provide social opportunities for students keen on community life involvement. With United Students Government, students could be representatives of the entire student body and speak as a unitary voice.

Surroundings that inspire

 Off-campus, Moravians are never short of entertainment. Its location in the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, might be historical –– shortlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage site –– but it is in no way dated.

Also known as “Christmas City”, Bethlehem exudes the feel of an authentic college town, pulsing with free events, legendary concerts, inspiring arts, and delectable cuisines. Picture hitting up a Blueberry Festival by day and sprucing up for Musikfest at night.

It’s obvious why students rarely need a break from life in Bethlehem, but when they do, their options are endless. Just 30 minutes away is bustling New York City, where 25% of students are working. They’re also close to cities such as Philadelphia or Washington DC.

If you’re interested in becoming a Moravian, apply here today.

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