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Centre College: Inspiring personal growth, guaranteeing success

For decades, an education in the liberal arts has been championed by the greats. From one-woman powerhouse Oprah Winfrey to ex-Avon CEO Andrea Jung, from future Veep Kamala Harris to Booker Prize winner Salman Rushdie, they exemplify the outstanding graduates to emerge from the study of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Many others have contributed creative and interdisciplinary solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems in the 21st century.

If you are on the lookout for an education that not only creates a better tomorrow but matches the ones of luminaries, head to Danville, Kentucky. Centre College is determined to prepare students for lives of learning, leadership, and service. Here, it’s all about personal growth. “Centre has given me unparalleled opportunities to grow in and out of the classroom; my perspective and worldview are constantly being challenged and refined. Centre is changing my life,” enthuses psychology alumni Bre Olsen.

Centre College

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Centre College offers over 50 majors, minors, pre-professional and dual-degree programmes. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within their extensive line-up, you can work with an advisor to design your own path with personalised majors. There are even STEM majors offered, providing Centre students a truly multidisciplinary experience. Some of the most popular majors among international students at Centre College are computer science, data science, and behavioural neuroscience. This year, 27 percent of women graduating from the college are STEM majors, a feat that earned it the 19th spot in the Best Overall Schools for Women in STEM category by Study.com. It was also ranked 29th on the Most Innovative Schools list by US News and World Report for its improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology or facilities.

At Centre College, these comprehensive, hands-on academic programmes are paired with acclaimed study abroad options. The Princeton Review ranks the college third in the nation for its international opportunities. Here, 85% of students study abroad at least once during their programme, and around 16 faculty members — from disciplines across the academic spectrum — teach their subjects in the context of another culture every year, from art restoration in France to education in Ghana.

On-campus, the experiences are just as robust. Community-based learning is encouraged, viewed as a vessel that intentionally links what is being taught in the classroom to the surrounding communities. Centre students conduct extensive work outside the classroom, reflect, integrate external perspectives and align what they learn in lecture halls with what goes on beyond. It makes for an enhanced learning experience.

Last year, the college adopted a new general education curriculum that will offer “more flexible course options, highlight experiential learning and further emphasise interdisciplinary thinking.” According to NEH Associate Professor of English Stacey Peebles, the curriculum will progress in a signature course sequence that owes its name to the motto of Centre College, “Doctrina Lux Mentis” (DLM), which translates from Latin as “Learning is the light of the mind. These DLM courses will be taken in a student’s first year as well as the junior or senior year and focus on, Peebles said, “the importance of learning as an act of exploration that illuminates not only the world but also oneself.”

Centre College

Source: Centre College

The best part is that success is not just inspired at Centre College, it’s something the college guarantees. At Centre College, you will have the chance to gain international perspectives by studying abroad, you will discover with research opportunities, you will secure industry knowledge with an internship and you will graduate in four years. If not, the college will provide up to an additional year of tuition-free studies.

This is what they call the Centre Commitment and this is how they drive outstanding outcomes. The class of 2019 boasts a 98% success rate one year after graduation, with 60% employed, 36% enrolled in graduate school and 2% in a gap year. Alumni have gone on to work with some of the biggest companies of this era, including the likes of Google, Dell, the Smithsonian, Walt Disney and more.

Outcomes like these are best nurtured in a vibrant environment, which is exactly what the college provides — a community that is safe, secure and peaceful. Danville has been named one of the best small towns in America, with all the charm and security that represent the finest in Kentucky hospitality.

Students are just a short walk away from the local coffee shop, yoga studio and community art centre. When they aren’t at local festivals and events, they can be found travelling to bustling neighbouring metro areas such as Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati.

These surroundings and more make Centre College the ideal destination for international students who are nervous about leaving home. Furthermore, the college makes it top priority to provide international students with the support they need to launch promising careers, from generous scholarships to professional development. International students are eligible for merit scholarships that cover up to a full ride at Centre College — learn more here. To find out more about how you can begin your life at Centre College, click here.