Looking to transfer schools? Millersville is ready for you!
Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

In the US, 60 percent of students transfer to a different institution during their university education. With 44 percent of currently enrolled college students attending community college, the opportunity to transfer to a national university will broaden your education and boost your career prospects.

There are plenty of reasons for you to consider transferring schools. Maybe you want to transfer from a 2- to a 4-year institution for your bachelor’s degree, or perhaps you’d like to reverse transfer.

You could be transferring for sports to represent a different team; or from the military to take your career in a new direction; maybe you’re moving out of town, or just looking for an institution that better suits you. Situations change, and sometimes this might mean you need to move to a different institution.

With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect place for your next step. One university in Pennsylvania is proving to be a popular choice for domestic transfer students.

Every year, almost 700 transfer students choose Millersville University to continue their educational journey.

Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Millersville offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as vocational courses such as Construction Management and Occupational Safety and Environmental Health.

The university is able to offer such a wide array of courses due to its accreditations from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, meaning credits can be easily transferred from your current institution.

Millersville welcomes transfer students from other regionally-accredited institutions, including community colleges, nursing schools and national military institutions.

You can also transfer to Millersville from trade and technical schools to continue your training in an exciting and collaborative university environment.

Their transfer resources page has everything you need to know about transferring to Millersville, including necessary grade and transfer credits, the bonus of reduced tuition, and the easy-to-navigate application process.

The Millersville academic experience is second to none. The university not only conducts cutting-edge research, but will also provide you with excellent experiential learning and internship opportunities to help you transform from student to confident professional.

With an extensive alumni network and ongoing events, current students have access to this wealth of experience across a broad range of fields. Millersville alumni have gone on to be Meteorologists, Detectives and Logistics Liaisons.

With experienced faculty and passionate, supportive professors, Millersville will help you achieve your goals, personal or professional. There are also extra courses in summer and winter break to help you catch up or gain extra credit.

Outside of the classroom or laboratory, there’s plenty to keep you occupied, as students don’t just study hard but play hard, making for a rich and diverse student life experience.

There’s the opportunity to play sports at every level from the high level athletics program with 19 Division II varsity teams to the Intramural Program, selected as one of the top 50 Intramural programs in the nation by Bestcolleges.com.

Source: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

If sports aren’t your thing, there are a whole host of extra-curricular opportunities to get involved in at Millersville. You could embrace Greek life, join a bowling club, equestrian club, flute ensemble or National Broadcasting Society, to name a few.

The university believes that civic engagement, outreach and volunteerism are important parts of a well-rounded education. The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) helps students get involved on campus and in the local community.

“Through Volunteer Central and ELCM, I had the privilege of becoming an AmeriCorps volunteer, which gave me an opportunity to serve school-aged children in the Lancaster community. I also networked with professionals and developed leadership and people skills, in addition to hands-on experience organizing events,” says Anyae Boomer, Class of ’16.

The university’s sororities and fraternities are also dedicated to ongoing philanthropic initiatives including blood drives, service projects and events like Relay for Life.

Millersville is proud of its inclusive and welcoming community, hosting a number of multicultural programs and LGBTQ+ organisations and events. In fact, Millersville ranks among the safest campuses in Pennsylvania, with a round-the-clock police force to keep the student community safe.

There are a number of housing options on Millersville’s beautiful campus, with suite-style rooms and living-learning communities to help you feel comfortable and at home. You’re sure to find your place at Millersville.

With rolling admissions and a transfer reduction on tuition of around four thousand dollars, why not apply as a transfer student now. Whether you’re looking to continue your path from a community college or making a shift from a different 4-year institution, Millersville is ready for you!

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