5 ways Millersville University motivates you to study

Stay motivated at Millersville  

Moving to a new country and joining a new community is often overwhelming, especially when you’re a student. Millersville University is dedicated to delivering an engaging and exciting campus atmosphere that keeps you focused and ready to study. As you can see from its virtual tour, this university serves as a home away from home for all who walk through its doors. By joining one of the safest college campuses in America, you’ll become part of an international student network that has won the HEED diversity award six years in a row. Inclusion is a core component of Millersville’s overall mission – especially since the school welcomes thousands of students each year from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Outside of the lecture hall, there are nearly 200 student organizations to keep you engaged and on form. If you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the Millersville community spirit, the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership is an ideal place to start. By encouraging students to pursue individual goals and participate in exhilarating outdoor activities, here, there’s no shortage of fun things to do!

Affordable Academics

Unlike other universities, Millersville is willing to go one step further to accommodate your global experience. For all incoming freshman in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, there’s the possibility you may qualify for an automatic tuition reduction. This is a unique advantage that benefits you financially and academically. This opportunity will take you multiple steps closer to achieving your ambition.

If Millersville’s course selection and the automatic tuition reduction scheme is something that appeals, now is definitely the time to submit your application. Non-native students – defined as students residing in the US on a visa, or otherwise intending to study in the US on a student visa – are eligible to apply. To maintain the reduced rate, you must earn 12 or more credits per semester. Once you’ve been admitted to the university, the admissions office will notify you if your discount has been approved. Plus, if you sustain a good academic standing throughout every semester, Millersville will continue to reduce your rate by a substantial $6000 per year!

Live the Lancaster Dream

We all know about the American dream, but have you ever heard of the Lancaster dream? Another way Millersville keeps its students motivated is through the exquisite surroundings of Pennsylvania. With a multitude of museums, the traditional Lancaster County theaters and countryside trails, there are heaps of sights for you to see and a wealth of mouth-watering delicacies to try. It’s the prime place to achieve an equal balance between work and play, with plenty of time to test out the tourist attractions during study breaks.

Even though there’s a thriving environment waiting outside campus, there’s also a lively atmosphere that resonates on-site. Someone who loves to fly through community activities is Skully the Millersville Mascot. Whenever this friendly bird turns up to an event, he is flocked by fans. That’s not just because of his vibrant personality; it’s also because students love to ask him questions about Lancaster life. No matter what you need to know, Skully the socialite will respond personally to your question and help you achieve a better understanding of what expect at Millersville.

Awaken your Intellect  

When you decide to open the pages of your passport and opt for a fresh study venture in the US, you’re also opening your mind to new angles and perspectives. By broadening your horizons, you’re more likely to engage in lessons and awaken your intellect. Millersville understands how exhilarating it can be to switch up your study path – especially if it involves an international flight and exploring unfamiliar territory.

That’s why from day one, staff are on-hand to help you develop your expertise in preparation for the working world. If you’re struggling with writing your essays or trying to figure out how to structure them best, you can schedule a one-to-one session with an experienced tutor at the walk-in Writing Center. Alternatively, if you’d like to participate in workshops that revolve around critical thinking, note-taking, time-management and study skills, you’ll be happy to know that these opportunities are available at the Millersville Tutoring Center.

Shape your own Studies

Supported by incredible statistics, Millersville hosts more than 100 undergraduate programs, with 98 percent of faculty holding the highest degrees in their field. Choice is paired with quality in equal part, and with detailed course frameworks holding everything together, your lecturers pay extra attention to your personal progression. Millersville’s industry-leading professionals steer you through your studies, so you’re guaranteed to receive the help and guidance you deserve.

When it comes to choosing your desired field of study, Millersville presents you with a vast array of academic programs. From A-W, there’s an undergraduate option for everything. For instance, there’s a dynamic Digital Journalism (BA MDST) program that dives straight into the rapid world of technology and visualized data. Or, if you’d rather something more traditional, there are plenty of science-based courses, like Chemistry (BS-CHEM) and Biology (B.S/B.A), if that’s more your thing.

Ultimately, Millersville presents a blossoming community that nourishes body and soul. On top of its esteemed academic portfolio and first-rate teaching staff, it vows to instil the tools needed to thrive in every aspect of their lives, now and into the future, and that’s something students will be hard-pushed to find anywhere else in the world.

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