Henderson International: An excellent way to homestay

The HIS difference

Situated in the radiant Nevada sunshine, Henderson International School (HIS) produces a bright array of middle school and early high school students. It’s a campus full of positive, warm and inquisitive energy, where children have the chance to experience outdoor activities and enhance their sporting skills without being confined to the classroom.

When the school was first established, the faculties realized that HIS stood out among other homestay institutions, largely due to its use of personalized and academically-rich study content. That’s why the school promotes the HIS Difference, understanding the importance of individuality.

By supplying a stable and secure study environment, homestay students at Henderson are treated as unique individuals who have their own approach to learning. So, rather than treating their learners as one unit, the school recognizes that everyone requires specialized support.

If an international homestay student arrives in Las Vegas lacking confidence in their ability to communicate, HIS will tailor the syllabus to suit specific needs. Whether that means an increase in the number of group workshops or a stronger focus on cross-cultural communication in the classroom, Henderson is ready to enhance the level of student understanding in any way it can.

Extend your stay at Henderson

From Fall, 2019, homestay boarding will be open for 10th-grade students, and for 11th and 12th-grade students it will soon follow suit.

HIS’s brand-new high school platform means parents are excited to extend their children’s stay at Henderson. Since the application’s global gap has widened, there has been an influx of interested international students. From lower school to high school, a robust and balanced education will remain at the core of Henderson’s curriculum.

Here, there’s also a prime emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics modules, otherwise known as STEAM.  By keeping them motivated through engaging modern topics – such as the importance of new technologies and the impact engineering has on our environment – students will surely develop into well-rounded, responsible digital citizens.

Henderson’s high school curriculum also offers the AP Capstone program. This is where students get to choose four advanced courses in their specialized area of interest. Since prestigious US universities are known to pay closer attention to applicants with an AP diploma, Henderson strives to provide children with the most sought-after study routes.

A personalized boarding experience

As a leading point to their Academic Compass, personalized learning is a vital component of every boarding school student’s experience. In the beginning, they must familiarize themselves with Henderson’s way of life and navigate a new set of surroundings. That’s why, inside and beyond the classroom, there’s such a key focus on the individual. Teachers keep a steady eye on their students’ progress both personally and professionally. If a learner isn’t fully engaged with a lesson, for example, the teacher will configure the curriculum to ensure they understand the syllabus and enjoy their study experience.

To maintain this personalized approach, learning doesn’t have to conclude at 3pm every day. There are plenty of After School Programs for your child to engage with, as well as to pursue their favorite activities once playtime is over. From a young age, your child can learn all about the art of filmmaking and produce their very own visual masterpiece, or maybe challenge their peers to a friendly game of Chess.

And if you’re wondering about the summer holidays, here, students can choose to spend time with their extended Henderson family members. The Summit Ridge Day Camp caters to a wide age range of learners and consists of wonderful nature walks, exciting scavenger hunts and active aquatic sessions. With all these activities (and more) on offer, it’s clear that your children will never run out of things to do at HIS!

Prime choice for parents

Over the years, Henderson International School has proved to be a very popular choice among parents both locally and globally. When asked about their HIS experience, here’s what a few of them had to say:

“The number 1 benefit is the personalized learning plan where teachers work with the parents to identify areas of improvement for each child because each subject is not one-size-fits-all. I love the ‘specials’  that my daughter never had before like music, art, science lab, Spanish and PE. HIS is very well-rounded and I applaud their commitment to developing my child’s social skills.”- Jen Grant, Current Lower School Parent.

“As an international student, my daughter has studied at Henderson International School for the past six years. HIS is such a trustworthy school, which is dedicated to cultivating global citizens to become internationally qualified. Young students happily adapt to the Western culture under the encouragement of excellent teachers and Henderson School is indeed a happy, comfortable international family. This makes both my husband feel and I relieved and grateful!”- Qi Zhou, Current Middle School Parent. 

“When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education and the sense of community was the prime concern for my partner and me as parents. Luckily, with Henderson International School, we had a feeling of inclusion from the day we stepped on campus.” – John Pinocci, Current Middle School Parent.

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