Leading International Schools pursuing all-round excellence

Throughout the years, international schools have earned their notability, providing highly-regulated standards of education in varied locations. No matter where you are in the world, it’s reassuring to know that your child is receiving first-class academic support.

As we all know, in this day and age, there’s an intense spotlight shining down on student employability. With its luminosity increasing, parents are beginning to feel the pressure of connecting their children to the most suitable school. Since many universities and employers like to see evidence of international experience on student applications, those who have studied at an international institution are automatically granted a global edge.

As ISC News states in its recent article, “the international schools market sees growth and new opportunities for the year 2018.” The report also indicates that around “80% of all students now attending international schools are the children of local aspirational parents seeking out for them a reliable pathway to some of the best undergraduate degrees in the world.”

Internationals schools help to take the pressure off as the students absorb transferable skills, regardless of their study location. Many people worry that their children will miss out on a stable education as they are shifting from one country to another, but the majority of international schools adhere to an internationally-accepted syllabus. So, students will learn from an identical educational framework despite moving to a different environment.

According to Inside Higher Ed, there’s been a dramatic increase in the rate of international students who are opting to attend high school in America. As the data featured in their article reports, “nearly 50,000 students from Asia have enrolled in US based schools.” As international school applications have increased, so have their long list of advantages.

For instance, studying in an international setting provides students a unique chance to learn alongside people who are from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This develops a strong appreciation for diversity and helps enhance students’ communication skills. Additionally, driven by a flexible education, students are free to create their own career path and become quick to adapt to new environments. As flexibility and adaptability are crucial assets in the technological era, international school students are set for life.

Here are the leading international schools that are pursuing all-round excellence…


Set in Henderson’s hillside neighborhood of Anthem, Seven Hills, this co-educational, international and interfaith school is home to students who want to study in one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting communities.

At Henderson International School, the academic curriculum focuses on critical thinking, personalized learning, global awareness, and a robust academic system. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention and a key emphasis on each student’s social and emotional development. Plus, all learners have their very own advisor, a personal learning plan, a variety of STEAM and fine arts elective choices, and several individual and team sports options.

The 14-acre campus has an open feel for outdoor recreation areas and students can fly drones, relax with a guitar, or conduct their own science experiments or greenhouse activities. This private boarding school also provides a variety of facilities, including a Black Box Theater, digital multi-use spaces, computer and inquiry science labs, expansive sports facilities and a visual arts studio.

As the only boarding school in Nevada for middle school and early high school students, Henderson International School is also the only private school in Nevada offering the AP Capstone advanced diplomas, and Seminar/Research certifications. This widely-recognized diploma program allows students to further personalize their studies in preparation for competitive acceptances to university or college.


By connecting students to the wider community and the world, Annie Wright Schools strives to provide learners with the fundamental tools and techniques required for a successful career. The school has a mission to “cultivate individual learners to become well-educated, creative and responsible citizens for a global society.”

The Tacoma-based campus consists of various study zones, specifically-designed with student needs in mind. The school’s accommodation supports 100 resident students from more than 15 countries, so there are plenty of activities to keep students occupied; from the Kemper gymnasium, the indoor climbing walls, to the Upper School art studio.

With a prominent focus on academics, arts and athletics, Annie Wright has built a balanced framework. These three topics steer students towards the ‘Wright way of learning’ and supply them with a multidimensional selection of skills.

Whilst in Washington, learners like to make use of their time away from work. That’s why community events are often held on and off campus, giving students the best of both worlds. From neighborhood gatherings to theatrical performances, engagement with the local area plays a significant role in the Annie Wrights School’s academic scheme.


Situated in sunny California, St Catherine’s Academy (SCA) promotes a military-style education for boys. From kindergarten through Grade 8, students are granted individual attention and the chance to utilize faith, honor and integrity.

The academy’s school-wide spiritual programs attract a national and international audience, embodying an education community rooted in the Catholic faith. Founded in 1889 by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, the group continues to support the school’s efforts in producing an exceptional generation of cadets.

This academy adopts a strict military tradition. SCA cadets are introduced to the importance of setting goals, overcoming obstacles and how to effectively follow directions. Once they join a team of like-minded individuals, their confidence is bound to flourish. Responsibilities are aligned with reality and they soon understand what it takes to become a self-confident and influential leader.

By being stationed at St Catherine’s, students develop crucial skills for life. The main three abilities encouraged by the school are organizational expertise, goal setting skills, and how to master moral courage. Once they’re ready, learners are released into society with a new-found confidence and appetite for personal achievement.


Canada is proud to accommodate Ridley College. Referred to as the ‘Ridley Difference’, students strengthen their emotional, social and physical needs to succeed at this school and in life.

With a solid strategic plan in place, Ridley highlights nine prime areas for tactical development. The main two that stand out are their excellence in boarding and their commitment to serving others. Through the Houses of Ridley programme, students of all ages are exposed to a sense of community and togetherness. No matter where they’re from or what grade they’re in, Ridley makes sure that they feel like an integral member of their international community.

Sticking by its commitment to serving others, the college participates in global giving opportunities. It stands as a non-profit institution, receiving generous contributions from parents, faculty members and around 8,000 alumni to help keep their tuition on track. With so many donations heading their way, Ridley loves to give back in any way it can, organizing regular events and fundraisers for charitable causes.

For enthusiastic and active students, Ridley hosts a number of exclusive summer schools with an abundance of activities to take part in. As Ridley’s campus is just 30-minutes from Niagara Falls and one-hour from downtown Toronto, this location is ideal for learners who wish to embark on a classic Canadian adventure.

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