Exceptional Boarding Schools that defy educational barriers

When deciding the best route to take in the education sector, boarding schools are often a common topic of debate. As the millennial generation grows increasingly autonomous, it’s wise for parents to consider education providers that prepare your child or children for their solo life venture. The classic pathway of a 9-5 day at school may not suit everyone’s preference.

It’s not just the study hours that appeal to boarding school applicants; it’s also the heightened standard of classroom attention that students here receive. According to a study made by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), 90 percent of boarding school students feel they benefit from high-quality teaching staff, compared to only 62 percent of private school students and 51 percent of public school students who feel the same way.

Additionally, TABS found that boarding school participants were more likely to feel surrounded by motivated peers when compared to their public or private school counterparts. As they live and study alongside like-minded individuals, boarding school learners spend more time interacting with the wider academic community. With a constant support system to accompany them on their education expedition, student motivation in the boarding school setting remain consistently high.

With so many boarding schools out there, the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) offers guidance on the key elements to keep an eye out for during the decision-making process. As the BSA states, “access to school staff and facilities after the teaching day is a major benefit for boarding pupils and school libraries are valuable, well-equipped resources in the evenings or at weekends. They help to remind pupils of the wisdom on their shelves as well as on the Internet.” BSA also believes in the power of sport, as noting that, “sport plays a major part in the lives of many boarding schools, with matches frequently played by players at all levels of enthusiasm and skill.”

By bridging the gap between education and the future workforce, boarding schools teach your children essential life skills from an early age. As we all know, once you’re thrown into the deep end of the working world, it helps to have a life vest packed with knowledge to help you stay afloat. That’s what an exceptional boarding school provides, along with heightened safety and preparation for the modern day challenges that your children may face.

Read on to learn about the Boarding Schools that stand at the forefront of educational excellence… 


Strategically located one hour away from Metro Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, this academy is easily-accessible for international students and visitors. With an average of 530 cadets from 30 countries and 30 US states, this close-knit, diverse community grants students a prime advantage, giving teachers the power to tailor the curriculum to the individual and offer one-to-one advice. Most importantly, members of faculty at RMA focus their attention on how boys learn, motivating them within that structure to keep them actively-engaged and challenged.

For more than 111 years, this preparatory academy has earned its position as the nation’s pre-eminent all-boys military school. Displaying a 100 percent college acceptance rate, students from all backgrounds are welcome to join Riverside’s innovative programs. There are even language programs to strengthen English proficiency and a chance to delve into other global languages. The school’s wholistic approach to education focuses on building well-rounded global citizens.

Parents play a crucial role within the academy’s framework. Here, there are an abundance of volunteering activities parents can get involved with.  For instance, you may wish to help with RMA Grill Nights and cook up tasty meals for hard-working cadets. Alternatively, you may wish to assist the students by interacting with the influential Alumni Association. There are many opportunities to connect, no matter where you live. Families often create groups to link with other current and prospective parents, forming a system of support within their country, city, or region.

Riverside offers ESL courses at all levels, as well as ACT/SAT and TOEFL preparation courses. On top of this, students often utilize downtime through countless sports and club opportunities. Riverside organizations and athletics also provide a wealth of options, including soccer, basketball, tennis, the aviation program, honor societies, and more. That’s why applicants from all over the globe are rushing to secure their space at the Riverside Military Academy in the US. Why fit in when you can stand out?


Malvern College in Worcestershire has fully-mastered the boarding school experience. Founded in 1865, this school boasts a long history of equipping learners with the necessary tools required for a successful study path and a flourishing career.

As a prestigious UK college, Malvern continues to defy expectations and set a clear example of what an outstanding boarding school should be. By nurturing student awareness of independent learning, the school aims to produce top grades and expects that every Malvern applicant will leave equipped with an excellent academic portfolio.

Throughout their spare time, students here may wish to pursue Creative Arts at the school’s theatre or within individual rehearsal rooms. As the college states, “Old Malvernians have gone on to establish high profiles within the field of Creative Arts, voicing the importance of their time at Malvern in the shaping of their careers.”

At the heart of this boarding school is the Chapel. The Sunday services of Holy Communion or Morning/Evening Prayer are accessible to all, as well as the Weekday Chapel services. This open space of spirituality helps keep the community spirit alive and allows students to calm their minds when they feel overwhelmed with studies.


Highlighted by the Good Schools Guide as preserving a “tradition of innovation”, Rugby school was the first school in the country to teach science as part of the school curriculum in the 1850s.

This boarding school prides itself on being one of the top academic institutions in Britain. Applicants are required to possess a rather large intellectual appetite, since courses are full to the brim with practical activities and theoretical expertise. Once your child joins the Rugby School student network, they soon mirror the school’s high standards and the staff’s devotion to student success.

As Headmaster of Rugby school, Peter Green, states: “excellence is celebrated here, but nobody is ever on the bench, every pupil is equally important – a good illustration is our 33 hockey teams as everyone is included.” Inclusion is core to this school’s curriculum, which promotes an open-door policy.

Much like the other boarding schools featured, Rugby School acknowledges the powerful influence of sports. With programmes to suit all types of players, the school hosts superb facilities including AstroTurf Hockey pitches, floodlit netball courts and championship Tennis courts to match.


With a mission to cultivate students and drive them towards a passionate pursuit of personal service and success, Tilton steers its community through an enriching learning experience. Students here are engaged in classes six days per week, with extra help sessions offered during the specialized ‘Conference Period’.

A day in the life of a Tilton boarding student consists of learning how to live alongside fellow learners, as well as understanding what it means to be a responsible member of the community. Through residential living, boarders attain an assortment of life skills that can be used in later life; for instance, taking ownership of their living space and discovering the realities of independent living.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Tilton, the Parents’ Association is on-hand to assist with student support. If you’re a parent of a Tilton learner, you’re automatically part of the association – there’s no need to formally apply!

But if you wish to further your involvement and formally engage with the school then you may want to check out the alumni events. Tilton is always on the lookout for readily available parent ambassadors and volunteer hosts.

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