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There’s nothing more important to parents than their child’s education. These days, they’re likely to do whatever it takes to ensure their kids receive the best education, including financially supporting and paying for their child’s education as the path to higher education becomes increasingly competitive.

A report by Bloomberg shows that parents from China are paying teachers to ensure their kids are given the kind of education received by children at top U.S schools. But for those who have the means send their children abroad, many have chosen to send their kids to top global boarding schools. The number of international students attending U.S and UK boarding schools shows that these K-12 academies provide an outstanding pathway to tertiary education.

Contrary to popular belief, boarding schools are not for students who are problematic or have troubled lives at home. A survey by Boarding Schools has shown that 60 percent of students primarily apply for the opportunity to receive a better education. The survey also reports that 78 percent of students are more prepared for college through their boarding education, while 50 percent pursue advanced degrees alongside their studies.

There’s also no denying that boarding schools do provide your child with more than just an excellent education. The benefits of attending a school such as this will do wonders for your child’s self-esteem, independence and self-growth. But with so many boarding schools available, how do you know which is the right fit for your kids?

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From academic curriculum, to the ratio of students to teacher in class, there are plenty of factors to consider before making a decision. To help you ease the process, we’ve highlighted some of the best boarding schools in the U.S. and UK with unparalleled graduate pathways…


This co-educational and multicultural school is home to students who want to study in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment. At Winchendon, the academic curriculum centres around three core practices, which are practical learning opportunities, individualisation for essential skill development, and self-reflection to encourage ownership and awareness within students. Each class has an average of six to nine students to ensure each individual has the chance to speak and discuss with their teachers. It also permits teachers to get to know each and every student’s ability and learning style on a friendly, personal level.

What makes Winchendon unique is its innovative programmes, like the Global Dynamics program, as well as ColLABs and Service Learning, which seek to make learning feel real-world connected. According to Matt, a student at Winchendon, the ColLABs program “allows students to learn about new things with more hands-on experiences. The collaborative weeks also give us a chance to learn about something that we want to do.”

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The coeducational and multicultural private boarding school also provides a variety of facilities, including a Marr Performing Arts Studio, an indoor turf field, pizza oven and fire pit, health facilities, golf course, student centre, Rotenberg gymnasium, playing fields, ice arena, tennis courts and many more.


If you’re serious about furthering your studies at a reputable university – you’ve come to the right school. The all-boys institution has a history of sending its students to the most competitive universities where most of them choose to study and work in the field of medicine, engineering and law. At Dulwich College, you’ll be academically challenged to ensure you reach your full potential through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Here, teachers focus on developing each student’s creative thinking based on practical knowledge and conceptual understanding. Some of the subjects you’ll study include Classics, Design & Technology, Economics, ICT & Computing, Modern Languages and Science. But it’s not all work and no play for the boys at Dulwich; the academy boasts over 50 active clubs and societies organised within The Union, whose job is to co-ordinate and provide a forum for boys of all ages to come together to share interests and ideas.


Set in an impressive 700-acre estate within the Surrey Downs, this Catholic boarding and day school caters to girls aged 11 to 18. The School believes that academic and personal growth come hand-in-hand, ensuring that its programmes develop the growth mind-set, resilience and self-worth among all students. The curriculum offers subjects in English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, the Sciences, Religious Studies and at least one foreign language up until GCSE/IGCSE, while its sixth form offers a range of 29 A Level subjects.

Woldingham School

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Students also have the chance to pursue an Extended Project Qualification, where they’re tested on their research and presentation skills in a particular area of personal interest. During your time at Woldingham, you get to participate in a range of academic enrichment opportunities, from societies for debating, law and philosophy to mathematics and Greek.


At Ellesmere College, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fast or slow learner as the school understands and respects that every child learns differently and that each learning style is a special gift. The school’s academic enrichment programme aims to enhance the College’s reputation by providing a well-rounded education that maximises the potential of all students. For those who may find themselves struggling with certain subjects, there’s the opportunity to try the support for learning service, available on either a temporary or permanent basis. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of pupils and are charged as an extra to existing school fees.

Aside from a well-balanced academic programme, the School offers a co-curricular programme that covers a wide range of activities, clubs, societies, sports, courses, performances and visits. Students are given the chance to sing, dance, act and compete while learning and developing a commitment to service. These activities also aim to broaden the minds all participating students.

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The all-boys Trinity-Pawling School is guaranteed to provide your son with the opportunity to do more than just get a well-rounded education. The School seeks to educate and instil a value system that prepares young men to contribute to society by nurturing and developing their leadership skills, as well as their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students are taught to think outside the box, work in teams to find solutions, stretch their minds with vigorous discussion, and explore beyond the textbook with hands-on experiments.

Trinity-Pawling offers wonderful facilities for both athletics and the arts. For those interested in sports, you’ll be pleased to know that the school’s athletic facilities include a synthetic turf field, football field, four soccer fields, three lacrosse fields, two baseball diamonds, an enclosed hockey arena,  an all-weather track, tennis courts, and five international squash courts. But if you favour the arts, the School also provides a theater, visual arts and music facilities, and an art centre.


This independent college preparatory school caters for girls in grades six to 12, and is dedicated to ensuring each student grows up to be a leader with integrity, confidence, courage and conviction. Located in Simsbury, the students study through inquiry-based learning, design thinking and through the use of technology to become better global citizens. The school provids a range of academic programmes catering to the middle school, upper school, junior project and postgraduate study levels.

Additionally, the School offers signature programs such as lacuna – a two-week, intensive, experiential, cross-disciplinary and inquiry-based learning in non-curricular areas of interest, and a seminar series that covers thinks like public speaking, personal finance, leadership and computational thinking. Moving beyond education, the School has an arts department for those interested in dance, theatre, music and visual arts. If you’re more athletic, the school offers a variety of sports, riding and fitness programmes.

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