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Canadore College: Where students are geared for future-facing careers

Why is Canada such a popular study choice for international students?

A report by Remitly claims that it is the most-Googled destination for a foreign education in 36 countries. It isn’t so puzzling when one considers the country’s cheaper tuition fees than its American counterpart. Cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and Calgary are student-friendly and diverse, even if a little cold.

Then there’s its exemplary border policy towards international students, prompting many applications to be rerouted to the True North. On top of that, successful graduation could lead to post-study work visas and permanent residencies. All you have to do is take that first step and apply to the school of your choice.

If you value experiential learning, Canadore College is the answer to your Canadian education. The college offers over 80 full-time programmes and apprenticeships ranging from aviation to broadcasting and the culinary arts. This sprawling North Bay-based college is located just 180 minutes north of Toronto, with three campuses nestled on a 650-acre wooded escarpment overlooking the city. Amid lush forests, serene lakes, rivers, canoe routes and nature trails, Canadore College offers a slice of tranquility at your doorstep for decompression after long study hours.

Study at a career-ready college

What makes Canadore particularly attractive to students is its Centre for Career Development, where a lifetime of employment support is given to all its graduates. Landing a job after college can be difficult, and the wait for a successful offer can be interminable. Here’s where the Centre comes in — and it’s even offering services remotely for students who are unable to come in for in-person appointments. The care and attention that the Centre has for its students beyond graduation highlights Canadore’s value as a good long-term educational investment to launch your career, no matter where you come from.

The Centre provides comprehensive A to Z services to boost career readiness for its alumni. They include crafting resumes and portfolios, navigating job searches and electronic systems, mock interview sessions, as well as mentorship and networking opportunities, complete with an online job portal for students to check out the latest job prospects that suit their qualifications.

Even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped its relentless efforts to aid students in obtaining gainful employment. The Centre has been organising virtual job fairs to ensure students are up-to-date on the latest career advice. This Canadore College Alumni and Friends Mentorship Programme also hosts Ten Thousand Coffees, an online networking platform matching students and fresh graduates to working professionals. For international students, the Centre also assists in tailor-made local immigration programmes to facilitate their settlement into the North Bay area.

Canadore College

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Igniting entrepreneurial minds

Why settle with a job, when you can create your own? To that end, Canadore College has proudly launched its first-ever Entrepreneurship Academy in Canada to disrupt traditional business learning where you can be your own boss. Learning is experiential here; practical training goes hand-in-hand with classroom instructions and mentorships by business partners and investors. Students at the Academy will be equipped with foundational knowledge offered at the college while also simultaneously adapting to new areas of study, such as Business Analytics and Entrepreneurial Tourism.

If an idea has sparked your fancy, but needs fine-tuning before it can be launched, Canadore’s one-year Entrepreneurship Management programme might just be the help you need to execute effective strategies for a successful business venture. The programme readies students for various entrepreneurship opportunities by utilising current market research to optimise business operations.

For those seeking a more analytical model in developing businesses, the two-year Enterprise Analysis and Research programme gives students a head start with a thorough study of data analytics. With data-driven businesses thriving, the programme’s alumni will be more than ready to meet the labour market’s demands, especially after applying their knowledge on capstone projects that are done with real organisations.

Manufacturing technology: Explore careers in a lucrative industry

Canada’s manufacturing sector is a vital element of its economy, accounting for more than 10% of the country’s GDP. This translates to 1.7 million quality employment all over the country, laying the groundwork for highly-skilled and technologically-adaptive individuals as the industry becomes more reliant on automation.

Canadore College has the perfect answer to this opportunity with its Honours Bachelor of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Management. The four-year programme trains students in technologies and tools that are revamping the manufacturing sector. Modules include coursework in robotics, automation, modelling and simulation, while the college’s Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (ICAMP) allows students to experiment with prototype and design aided by disruptive technologies. Students can even complete a 14-week work placement experience in advanced manufacturing, which surely gives them an upper hand after graduation.

With a safe and stable environment for studying and nurturing career readiness, Canadore College’s students are educated for lifelong success. Find out how you can join its robust North Bay community by clicking here.

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