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Here’s how Canadore College is moulding career-ready graduates

Canadore College Centre for Career Development plays an essential role in readying students for the future of work.

Mentorships. Employment resources. Volunteering opportunities. Experiential learning. These are part of what makes Canadore College so successful in preparing career-ready graduates.

Since opening its doors in 1967, this Canadian college in Ontario has focused on what matters in the pursuit of higher education — enhancing one’s job readiness.

Canadore offers over 80 full-time programmes and apprenticeships that serve as pathways to rewarding careers in the fields of aviation, practical nursing, environmental technology, broadcasting, business, civil engineering, graphic design and healthcare administration, to name a few.

They have over 47,000 alumni working worldwide; some 1,000 graduates are being added to that figure annually, attesting to the College’s quality programmes. Little wonder why Canadore has one of the highest graduation rates in Ontario.

Launchpad for career success

Canadore College

Source: Canadore College

Canadore College’s employment resources aim to produce career-ready graduates. Source: Canadore College

Canadore’s Centre for Career Development plays an essential role in readying students for the future of work.

The Centre offers programmes and services designed to continuously enhance students and alumni experiences through career readiness, employment resources, experiential learning events and volunteer opportunities.

Whether you need assistance with job search support or crafting the perfect resume that aptly captures your knowledge, skills and experiences, to understanding the A to Z of interview preparation, the Centre can help students prepare accordingly.

Networking plays an important role in securing a job post-graduation. The Centre can also assist students with employer networking, including using LinkedIn and creating an elevator pitch.

The Centre also offers a service that helps employers connect with students and graduates who possess the skills and abilities required for part-time, casual, summer jobs, internships, entry-level career positions and more.

Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs

Canadore College

Source: Canadore College

Students at Canadore College have opportunities to shadow professionals and undergo mentorship programmes to bolster their career-readiness. Source: Canadore College

Students with an entrepreneurial spirit can relish in the offerings of E-Hub, the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, that helps start and grow students’ business or ideas.

E-Hub gives students access to grants and resources, events and workshops, mentorship programmes, internship and networking opportunities, and a collaborative workspace.

The Mentorship Program is a customised programme that seeks industry experts and business owners to act as mentors to newer entrepreneurs.

Through peer-to-peer learning, mentors provide experience-based knowledge that helps expedite the development of mentees’ businesses.

Mentees will have at least one year of business experience and will be looking to expand their business, increase profits and efficiency, focus their marketing efforts, and expand their professional network while building lasting relationships.

There are also online networking programmes that connect students with a recent graduate, alumni or working professionals — in person or online — for career conversations.

Such offerings have proven useful, as echoed by one business student who said: “I was able to talk to people who have experience in the finance industry and gained insight which has helped me transition from college into the working world, where I now work as a financial services analyst.”

Integrating experiential learning

“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”

Those are the famous words of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, which underlies Canadore’s educational ethos where experiential learning plays a key role in student development.

Across programmes, there are opportunities for students to participate in work or field placements, engage in volunteer service within the community, or work on formal course projects that involve servicing real clients.

Other types of experiential learning include capstone projects that teach students critical thinking and problem solving, opportunities for students to shadow experienced workers as they perform their jobs, and undergoing internships or clinical placements where they put theory into practice with real patients or clients.

These opportunities provide students with coveted professional experience, the chance to flex their creative muscles, practice their problem-solving skills, widen their professional network, develop awareness for potential career paths in addition to strengthening their comprehension.

An unbeatable study abroad location

Canadore College

Source: Canadore College

Canadore College is a welcoming and inclusive College where you’ll make friends for life. Source: Canadore College

Among the allure of Canadore are the beautiful surroundings of North Bay, nestled between two beautiful lakes for numerous water recreation opportunities. There are countless lakes, rivers, lush forests, canoe routes and trail systems that provide endless natural exploration opportunities.

The city also offers both local and international students opportunities to tantalise their tastebuds at good restaurants, shop till they drop at the numerous malls within the vicinity, and soak up the lively energy at community festivals peppered throughout the year.

With their award-winning professors, safe and inclusive campuses and unbeatable programmes, these combined experiences are what makes Canadore College a study abroad location that not only broadens one’s mind, but also one’s career opportunities.

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