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How could we ever imagine a world without regular commercial flying? Earlier this year, the aviation industry went into a tailspin following an outbreak of COVID-19, with airspaces and borders shut, and fleets grounded.

Throughout the pandemic, approximately 1.2 billion passengers have travelled via plane. A recent report by the International Air Transport Association concludes only 44 cases of flight related infections. The aviation industry has shown resilience throughout global challenges for decades and it is more than ready to come back stronger, bolder and smarter, ensuring aviation experts all over the world will continue to soar at newer and higher altitudes in a post-pandemic world.

The industry’s resilience in times of uncertainty is one of the many reasons why students like Aslam Mohamed Adnan Taqie are determined to gain professional qualification in the field of aviation. Planes have been a lifelong passion of Taqie’s, going back to his childhood years and seeing his cousin excel as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

After completing grade 12 in his hometown of Chennai, India, Taqie was eager to research how he could study aviation abroad, which is how he came across Canadore College’s Aircraft Maintenance programme.

“Even my agent suggested this college as it is well known for aviation,” he shares. “Before I applied, I asked a few senior guys from India who studied at Canadore and I got nice reviews which made me apply right after.” It was a decision he is happy he made.

Located just north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, Canadore College is a leader in aviation training. It’s home to a top-of-the-line, industry-standard 90,000 square foot aviation campus that comes fully equipped with training tools, multiple aircraft and dedicated faculty and staff — everything an aviation student would need and more.

Offerings like these make hands-on, experiential learning easy to facilitate. Taqie credits these experiences as having been formative to his confidence. His Canadore College degree has allowed him to follow in the footsteps of the school’s esteemed alumni who have landed successful jobs in the aviation industry across Canada and around the world.

“I have gone through lockwiring, riveting, tools handling, fire handling procedures, working on aircrafts and engines where I got most of the hands-on skills I needed, as well as several inspections like NDI, eddy current, FP, etc,” he enthuses. “So far, Canadore College has helped me easily go through some of the challenges I’m set to face by teaching me many of these hand-on skills.”

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Agile learning, adaptable skills

Even in the midst of COVID-19, a blended learning model has successfully kept students engaged:

“Theory classes are held in an online classroom where the professor and students can still interact together,” shares professor and Avionics and Structures programme coordinator, Brian Boettger. “Practical classes are still held in person at the Aviation Campus so hand and problem skills can be developed.”

Boettger graduated from the Avionics Maintenance programme in 1991, which helped him launch a successful career across Ontario. Seven years ago, he returned to Canadore to share his knowledge with aspiring aviation professionals, many of whom will graduate to begin their own journeys across a range of paths.“Some stay working on aircraft their entire career. Others progress to inspection or training departments, management positions such as director of maintenance or even start an approved maintenance organisation”, he says.

It’s clear the opportunities are endless for those who arrive in the picturesque city of North Bay for a comprehensive education in aviation. Brett Chadwick also graduated from Canadore — and like Boettger — later returned to share the twenty years of knowledge he gained from working in the field as a professor and programme coordinator.

All coordinators are experts, Chadwick’s experience includes working on a variety of aircrafts and small single engine Cessnas and Pipers to twin engine turboprops and business jets. “My most exciting adventure includes repairing a plane that had a hard landing on a small island near China then flying it back to Canada”, he shares.

For a career as robust as his, look to one of these programmes offered by Canadore College: Aviation Fundamentals, Aircraft Structural Repair Technician, Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance or Avionics Maintenance, or both, Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance and Structures, Helicopter Flight Training and First Peoples’ Aviation Technology – Flight.

These aviation programmes are conducted by Canadore’s School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology at the Aviation Campus. Located in North Bay, Ontario, the campus is just a three-hour drive away from downtown Toronto and right around the corner from the North Bay airport. It’s the perfect destination for a well-rounded education in aviation, its location allows the school to boast of having the industry right at its doorsteps, because they actually do. To virtually visit Canadore College’s Aviation Campus, click here.

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