Equip yourself to become a leader in your field at Canadore College
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Equip yourself to become a leader in your field at Canadore College

When Andre Luis Teles left Brazil for Canada to study at Canadore College, all he knew was what he read online.

He arrived in the country eager to pursue his dream career in aviation. Teles completed the two-year diploma in aircraft maintenance, where he got to train on an actual aircraft.

Today, he is a licensed Boeing 737 aircraft maintenance engineer with Sunwing Travel Group, which is headquartered in Toronto.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students like Teles take a one-way flight to Canada to chase their career goals. Given the right academic guidance and industry exposure, they hone their passion into an indispensable skill set that sets them firmly on the path towards becoming a leader in their industry.

Acquire skills to become a leader in your industry

A meaningful vocation is one of the many marks of a leader.

To unlock their potential, students must gain an education that prioritises experiential learning to hone priceless, practical skills. In an age where most industries are going digital, those who work with their hands are becoming increasingly valuable not just to employers, but society at large.

For example, Teles and his peers at the Canadore College School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology get to work on active and non-active aircraft at the Hangar; Teles, for one, greatly enjoyed working with helicopters, as well as exploring his skills at the college’s engine laboratories.

Canadore College students are also privy to such industry-relevant experiences beyond campus. They get to explore their future roles via enriching experiential learning opportunities including (but not limited to) job shadowing, workplace simulations, internships, and capstone projects.

This is how future industry professionals grow awareness of their impact beyond the campus lab. Through building community relationships, they get to explore their true potential in industry and society.

Another precursor to professional success is wide-reaching networking skills. There is an old saying that goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. As Teles discovered at Canadore College, graduates with a combination of the right knowledge and contacts are the ones who get ahead.

“Being a part of Canadore College’s alumni body helped me establish many connections in other companies within the aviation industry,” Teles said.

Unlock your future success at Canadore College

Teles’ time at Canadore College equipped him with the skills to pursue a promising career in a new country. He also received 18 months of accreditation towards a Transport Canada-issued Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence upon graduation, which set him out into the industry with a recognised qualification.

“Through this programme, I updated my knowledge and improved my skills in avionics and structure,” Teles tells.

At Canadore College, experiential learning is the gateway to a successful working life post-graduation — but it’s not the only component of future success.

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“I would recommend Canadore College to international students who want to grow their career skills in Canada because all professors are knowledgeable and supportive, the labs are well equipped, and Canadore prepares students to face the industry head-on,” Teles shares.

Professor Darren Rotondo and Professor Shannon Laughren from the School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology were among the professors who played a part in shaping Teles’ college education. Teles still keeps in touch with the professors who left a lasting impact on his journey.

Andre Luis Teles is living proof that any international student can craft their own path to career success. All you need is the right mix of academic guidance, practical experience, and a strong network of experts and peers.

You will find all this and more at the secure, inclusive, and well-equipped Canadore College campus.

Get in touch with a Canadore College representative today to embark on your unique study abroad journey.

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