A day in the life of a Canadore College student
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A day in the life of a Canadore College student

Instead of waiting for his aviation career to take flight on its own, Yi-Te Liang from Taiwan took control of his future by attending a study abroad fair in 2018.

Up and down the aisles Yi-Te strolled, determined to discover a relocation-worthy course.

And that’s when the opportunity to study at an Ontario-based college stopped Yi-Te in his tracks.

Canadore College caught my attention right away,” he said.

After speaking to a representative at the fair, he found out that this College offered engineering courses and student life like no other. The next step was clear.

“Since I have a passion for joining the aviation industry, and after reviewing the history of Canadore and cost of living expenses in North Bay, I made the decision to apply to Canadore,” Yi-Te said.

A College that trains you for an ever-changing world

After scrolling through the course catalogue, Yi-Te chose to apply to a two-year Aviation Technician- Aircraft Maintenance Diploma course.

Through this Transport Canada-approved programme, he knew he could learn how to troubleshoot vital aircraft components and systems, including piston and turbine engines, electrical systems, hydraulics, and navigation and communication systems.

Yi-Te also saw that Canadore College took a practical approach to learning — which would give him an employable skill set and a deeper understanding of the aviation industry — exactly what he needed to kickstart his career.

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At the College, professors not only broadened his knowledge with relevant theories, but they also taught him the latest industry trends and practical skills that would boost his résumé considerably.

“The professors always shared their experiences of the industry with me and helped me make connections and get job opportunities before graduating,” he says.

Then there’s the Hangar where students get to work with active and non-active machines — including a Boeing 727 — in smaller classes, whether it’s performing a compression test on engines or putting air pressure in the cylinders.

In other words, this is where students get the best access to the best equipment so that they are prepared to join the industry.

“You can implement the knowledge you’ve learned and the practical work you do directly reflects your skill levels, and you will always receive constructive feedback,” he said.

International students like Yi-Te also have access to the on-site Career Development Centre that helps them to network, search for jobs and refine their entrepreneurial skills.

A College where you’ll always feel welcome

Another student whose career is off to a flying start is Graphic Design Diploma student Kyana Nytch.

It all started with her tour of the College, where she found herself amazed by its media, arts and design resources such as Cintiq tablets, high-quality camera equipment and production labs.

After speaking to a professor about her interests, such as digital photography, illustration, ePublishing and online animation, Kyana knew that this was a College that would give her the skill set she needed.

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Fast forward to today, her studies have not only armed her with these fundamental skills, but also given her invaluable work experience with real clients.

“There are so many experiential learning opportunities that give us industry exposure at Canadore,” she said.

“My programme works with external clients in the community who are looking for help from Canadore students. And next year I will also be doing placement so I will get more experience in the workplace.”

Life on campus is good too.

Kyana gets to work from a safe campus that feels like home and replete with useful facilities.

“The crypt is great to rent equipment that I might need for one of my classes. As for the light room and the library, they are nice places to go relax or work because they provide sunlight,” she said.

“The library also has great resources for learning and  has items like board games and movies to check out. It is also great having the free fitness rooms so I can stay active.”

Working with the College’s student employment services, Kyana gets to earn some income and boost her professional skills while studying. It also exposes her to the sheer amount of career opportunities that are available for Canadore College students and graduates.

“There are lots of programmes that lead to great careers at Canadore, and there are more being added in the Fall of 2020,” she said.

Source: Canadore College

“We also have the chance to continue our studies internationally with pathways, like studying in Ireland for a year!”

And by studying in a city that is nicknamed “The Gateway of the North”, Kyana and her peers get to explore lush forests, streamside hiking trails, ski hill slopes and beach shorelines — all in one city — on their days off.

So if you want the same transformative experience like Kyana and Yi-Te’s, find out more from Canadore College by contacting the team today.

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