York Education Group: Schools with premier education experience

York Education Group: Schools with premier education experience
Source: Squaw Valley Academy

The one-size-fits-all mentality behind education is ineffective and outdated. As we hurtle through what’s now known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology continues to blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

The most valuable future citizen will be one who is a creative critical thinker, able to solve even the most complex of problems. Schools will be the most critical driver behind this trend, powered by acceptance and adaptation to fast-paced change.

Teaching students how to read and write and to master topics like history and arithmetic do not cut it anymore. Neither does the emphasis on memorisation and assessment based on the ability to recall mere facts.

What children today need is a personalised education that fits their individual needs and interests.

This is the essence of the York Education Group experience.

Source: Squaw Valley Academy

What began as a philanthropic endeavour by the Group’s founder and CEO, Mr. William Batchelor, is now a global network of innovative schools and related programs.

The premier education provider now has five private primary and secondary schools across the US: Lake Mary Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida (Pre K-12th Grade); Rancho Solano Preparatory School in Scottsdale, Arizona(Pre K-12th Grade); Henderson International School in Henderson, Nevada (Pre K-12th Grade); Squaw Valley Academy in Olympic Valley, California (9-12th Grade); and Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Connecticut (K-12th grade).

The aim of each school is clear: every child who graduates from this community is to be equipped with the skills, values, characteristics and knowledge needed to thrive now and in the future. Educational research, technology and innovative approaches help develop young talents into confident, prepared critical thinkers of high character.

So, what does a school that prepares the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators look like? Here, we explore two schools under the York Education Group banner, highlighting how they equip today’s youth with the tools to succeed in college and beyond:

Source: Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Rancho Solano Preparatory School

It’s easy to see why Rancho Solano is one of the Grand Canyon state’s most unique schools. From pre-kindergarten through to high school, each level of study cultivates the ingenuity needed to thrive in a global society.

Head of School, Seth W. Ahlborn, articulates the components that make this goal possible at Rancho Solano: “Here your child will find a passionate and inspiring faculty, a curriculum that is personalized and differentiated, a focus on global and cultural sophistication, and many opportunities to participate in leadership activities that create well-rounded individuals.”

At the centre of its education philosophy is a highly-individualized and innovative academic curriculum. Delivered by highly-trained, passionate teachers, each student benefits from a unique Personal Learning Plan and is tested through Individual Growth Assessments, maximising their progress, developing their passions and encouraging personal growth.

Critical thinking is a core feature of its rigorous curriculum. With small class sizes and integrated college-prep opportunities, middle and high school students don’t just acquire study skills but also “learn how to learn”. Fine arts is integrated into the syllabus to let each student build creativity, knowledge and self-confidence, while modern technology is employed to teach Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship.

Source: Rancho Solano Preparatory School

A variety of after school enrichment programs completes the picture at Rancho Solano. From theater to dance and athletics, students can participate in environments designed to foster curiosity, discovery, collaboration and inspiration.

This comprehensive approach prepares learners for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, recognized worldwide for its academic rigor and holistic approach to education.

One parent of multiple students at Rancho Solano says: “The world is becoming more global each day and technology is changing at lightning speed. Our children will be involved in careers and leadership opportunities that may not even exist yet. We really appreciate Rancho’s commitment to this new and better teaching strategy.”

Squaw Valley Academy

This school has earned accreditation from AdvancED and the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA). It boasts an elite faculty, 80 percent of whom possess advanced degrees. Squaw Valley also hosts a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, and an average class size of eight to 10 students. On top of this, former graduate classes demonstrate a 100 percent college acceptance rate.

Source: Squaw Valley Academy

These are just some of the impressive stats Squaw Valley Academy (SVA) has under its belt. So, what’s the secret to its success?

In terms of academics, Head of School Bill Grant believes it boils down to the effective combination of personal attention and tailored academics. Small class sizes definitely help with this, while the Academic Support Center props up those in need of additional assistance. For those looking for challenge, there’s the 15 Advanced Placement courses that challenge students with college-level material.

A four-year college-prep curriculum has been designed to prepare students for success, not just in the US but all over the world.

If the above explains the high intellectual development of SVA graduates, its athletics program and campus atmosphere develops them emotionally and physically. At SVA, students are encouraged to take part in physical activities like hiking, fishing, biking and even skiing and snowboarding during winter months.

SVA’s campus life is where students and faculty eat, sleep, work, and play every day. In the process, both grow socially and emotionally, gaining important skills that serve them well in their future personal and civic lives.

Source: Squaw Valley Academy

Of course, none of the above would be possible without SVA’s greatest strength – a team of dedicated faculty and staff. This outstanding group of people serve as role models to help students go beyond themselves.

A holistic, future-proof education

From forward-looking academics, to dedicated teachers and holistic enrichment programs, York Education Group is a pioneer in the world of education today.

It’s no wonder that graduates from this school collective have been accepted at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale and Vanderbilt University. And as testimonials from parents and alumni reveal, this education doesn’t stop at gaining college admission, equipping students with the tools and skills for rapid changes to come.

If sound preparation for now and the future is what you want for your child, York Education’s schools are the perfect fit.

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