International Schools: Driving innovation and transformative learning experiences
Source: Ridley College

“A part of growing up in this international world is understanding and being prepared and having tools to adapt outside of the small environment that you may have come from. That’s what education is all about.”- Lamman Rucker

Throughout the years, international schools have established a reputation for instilling students with a dynamic worldview and a diverse student experience.

As these global education hubs fuse together learners from all walks of life, students are equipped with an appreciation for cultural differences and a strong ability to communicate across cultures.

Recently, ISC News uncovered a rise in international school development overseas. Many academic institutions are expanding their outreach with extra facilities and additional schools, highlighting that this international style of learning is in high demand.

Source: Ridley College

According to ISC, international schools are undergoing great renovations. “Most are adding on brand new schools built as ‘sister schools’ that partner with a local investor and share the same brand name, style, ethos and learning approach as the ‘mother ship’. Others are providing school management services, new teaching and learning partnerships and brand integrity to their international schools.”

As the demand grows for the expansion of international education, parents and students everywhere are wondering: why?

One leading advantage that leads learners to inscribe their name on an international school application is the promise of a growth mindset.

Mark Ford, Principal of an international school in Southeast Asia strongly agrees with this notion. As he explains in the Malaysia Tatler, “Having a growth mindset is more important than ever for an educationalist today. Being able to instill in children a love for learning, allowing them to embrace challenges and understand the importance of resilience, dedication and hard work are essential.”

He adds that, “This mindset along with their ability to [self-critique] and self-evaluate, teaches children to understand the brain’s capacity to grow and change.”

Source: St. John’s Prep School

International schools are committed to enhancing student knowledge, offering the freedom to explore their academic potential and the opportunity to invest in their own growth mindset.

Fostering an environment of innovation and invention, extraordinary ideas and real-world solutions are bound to prosper in these esteemed academic settings.

Here are 3 integrative international schools that promote innovation and educational excellence…


Consisting of five influential academic institutions, York Education Group is devoted to providing an unparalleled learning experience for all.

As the globally-known group consists of the Chase Collegiate School, the Lake Mary Preparatory School, the Rancho Solano Preparatory School, the Squaw Valley Academy and Henderson International School, both parents and students are presented with outstanding learning options.

Henderson International School (HIS) in Las Vegas, for example, represents a prime choice for learners looking for a homestay institution that boasts personalized, academically-rich study content. Understanding the importance of individuality, this school takes pride in having the HIS Difference.

Source: York Education Group

By adopting the YEG’s exceptional education values, Henderson International School’s curriculum focuses on critical thinking, global awareness and a robust academic system. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention and a key emphasis on each student’s social and emotional development.

The Lake Mary Preparatory School in Florida is another example where learners are encouraged to develop a growth mindset. Since all learners benefit from a personal learning plan, a variety of extra-curricular and creative arts workshops and several team sports activities, life at Lake Mary is to an unrivaled study abroad adventure.

In parallel with Henderson and Lake Mary, the remaining 3 schools recognize that everyone requires specialized support, treating all students as unique individuals who have their own learning approach.

Through a balanced teaching outlook, the York Education Group enables learners to evolve into well-rounded, confident global citizens, ready to take on real-world challenges.


Saint John’s Prep School, Minnesota, helps students feel right at home.

With around 25 percent of St. John’s Prep upper school populations consisting of international students, there’s a great sense of cultural appreciation throughout this school.

Source: St. John’s Prep School

The curriculum is centered around community. Acting as a day school for local Minnesota students and an integrative boarding school for US and international students, Saint John’s provides a multifunctional, enriching and balanced network in which learners can thrive.

Recognizing the importance of community development, students regularly meet in large and small groups during a Colloquium period each day, and there are a wide variety of safety programs available to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

Plus, there are incredible English language support services (ESOL) and International Student Advisors to help students navigate their journey through Saint John’s Prep. Here, students always feel supported.

Based on a lush 2,700-acre campus, Saint John’s Prep students have unlimited access to an outdoor paradise. Throughout the year, students can enjoy engaging activities such as fishing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and even ice-fishing!

Despite a vast selection of extra-curricular experiences, it’s the valuable support that Saint John’s Prep graduate, Seanan from Hong Kong, admired most. As he explains, “This school is a great place for students to develop themselves and prepare for college and beyond. Each student is treated as an individual.”


Established in 1889, Ridley College takes pride in its Canadian values and innovative learning approach to both Lower School (ages 4 to 13) and Upper School (ages 14 to 18) students.

This elite coeducational boarding and day school houses a diverse community. With 700 students from over 50 countries, it has earned a reputation of universal standing.

Source: Ridley College

By integrating the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum into its educational framework, students aged three to 18 learn from the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP).

This college in Canada is dedicated to empowering students through knowledge and insight at every critical learning stage, consistently nurturing learners’ growth mindset. To support their commitment to equal and accessible education, Ridley gives out a staggering CAD$2.6 million in Financial Assistance and Scholarships each year!

Ridley College also represents an innovative approach to study for students of the Upper School level. Each individual gets to learn the way they want to and the faculty encourages students to guide their own learning and to persevere through life challenges.

On top of providing a comprehensive education, the College offers bespoke guidance and university counselling from a team of dedicated professionals, preparing each individual for entry into higher education.

Most importantly, learners here are empowered to embrace their individuality and creative flair. That’s what creates The Ridley Difference.

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