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Law school has garnered quite the reputation for its rigorous nature, which can become gruelling. Here are some tips from those who survived it. Source: Shutterstock

Starting law school is an exciting prospect at best, and a daunting one at worst. Either way, this experience is a mandatory rite of passage before exploring your career options in the legal world.

Law school has garnered quite the reputation over the years for its rigorous nature, which can become gruelling. It’s important to remember that there’s no clear-cut path to success here. The best you can do is stay focused, hydrate (no, coffee doesn’t count), and bear the following bits of advice in mind. After all, these legal professionals were in your shoes not too long ago.

Keep an open mind, but prepare for anything

The first thing to know is that no lawyer’s experience can be the blueprint for your personal law school journey. You must find your own revision methods, do a lot of briefing, and pick your specialisation. If you wanted to become a lawyer for a particular cause, now is the time to arm your passion with knowledge and experience.

Make full use of every practical opportunity

Internships, externships, legal clinics, court time — these are all valuable aspects of law school that you should not miss out on. Now is the time to not only explore the field, but also begin sharpening digital and communication skills for your career.

Network, network, network

That’s right, professional networking begins now. Classmates, seniors, faculty members, industry partners — talk to them all and soak in their insights. Engage with law school graduates who are new to practice as well as those who left. Get opinions from all sides, and keep in touch. After all, you never know whom you will cross paths with later in life.

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