Why I went to law school and the superpowers it gave me

Law school provides the confidence and credentials for any job, even when a job doesn’t require it. Source: Shutterstock

Law is one of the few fields of study that carries a certain air of prestige when you tell your friends. Not to mention the barrister wigs made of horse hair (yup, you read that right).

The noble profession is also as old as time.

This post isn’t trying to persuade you to (just) be a lawyer, but to present a case that with a law degree, you will be equipped with valuable life skills that you can’t foresee from just reading the university brochure.

1. Prof Xavier-level thinking

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There is a false belief only those who are great debaters in high school are well suited to study law. I myself was a serial introvert who would quiver and shake like a Polaroid picture on stage.

But the study of law itself is highly subjective – there is no absolute right answer. If your answer is rooted in logic and is well reasoned, it can score high under the eyes of your lecturer even without great oratory skills.

Ultimately, studying law trains you to be able to make more informed decisions that will guide you not just through school, but life in your later years.

2. Solving problems like a boss

Ask most employers what they want in an employee and they will give you a simple answer: a problem-solver.

Couple that with the clinical mindset of a lawyer and you got yourself a modern-day Sherlock Holmes who will help them solve their way out of a mystery.

3. Knowing your rights


This is a big one. Every (and I mean every) interaction we have in our daily lives is governed by law and because you got through law school, you will know and understand the repercussions of the breaking of any law (as well as how to defend and prevent them).

4. Persuasion (A.K.A selling A.K.A the most important skill in life)

There is a reason why lawyers make up a big number of the politicians.

Being able to form a well-reasoned argument and having an almost altruistic personality towards injustices in the world makes it fertile ground for change-makers to blossom.

Not to mention being able to negotiate in business deals, ask for pay raises and diffuse conflicts with your spouse.

5. Impressive credentials


Law school provides the confidence and credentials for any job, even when a job doesn’t require it.

The analytical and communication skills go beyond the courtroom. If you decide to explore a career apart from law, such as management consulting or business development, a law degree will speak volumes on a resume.

By Ben Sim from iPrice group.

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