UK: Inner Temple to build new training centre for budding lawyers
The aim of Project Pegasus is to revitalise the Inn's services to create an attractive and flexible space with state-of-the-art facilities. Source: The Inner Temple

Students and barristers can now look forward to an “education and training centre”, an ambitious plan by the Inner Temple to meet the future needs of its members and the profession, as planners give their approval for the project to go on.

The Inner Temple refers to one of the four Inns of Court, a professional body for barristers and judges, that law graduates must belong to in order to be called to the Bar and practise as a barrister in the UK.

The education and training centre is part of “Project Pegasus”, a “vital redevelopment” to renew and refit the facilities of the 1950s Treasury Building. It will house an education suite with a 120-seat auditorium, training rooms and breakout spaces, according to Legal Cheek

“The needs and demands of training for barristers and other legal professions have changed immeasurably in the last 50 years,” an Inner Temple spokesman said.

“To ensure we remain at the heart of the legal profession both here in England and Wales as well as internationally, it is important we have the right mix of facilities to support our members and the community.”

The aim of Project Pegasus is to revitalise the Inn’s services to create an attractive and flexible space with state-of-the-art facilities.

“As we [Inner Temple] set out in the press statement, Project Pegasus will ensure the Inner Temple can develop and deliver our high-quality training in fit-for-purpose facilities,” its spokesman said.

The other proposals for Project Pegasus, which will extend to the rest of the Treasury Building, include an overhaul of its basement kitchens and staff offices, as well as a new balcony with “spectacular views” of Inner Temple’s gardens.

In 2015, another Inns of Court, Lincoln’s Inn, announced it is building a new “educational suite”, which includes a large lecture hall. Its construction is slated to complete by next year.

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