5 law school Instagram accounts that students love to follow
Instagram accounts for future law students. Source: Kevin Grieve/Unsplash

Instead of jumping from one website to another, why not scroll through Instagram accounts while searching for your ideal law school?

With a quick hashtag and a glimpse of the storyboards, you’ll begin to see which law schools are in sync with social media and which of them choose to engage with their student following.

From a law school’s storyboard, you’ll begin to build a narrative of what it would be like to study at that institution.

So, whether you’re an aspiring law learner or you’re curious about how other law schools utilise their boards, here are five accounts that students love to follow:

Melbourne Law School- Australia

Internship experiences and oversea student trips are regularly documented on this law school’s Instagram page.

Prompting their followers and prospective onlookers to follow the link in their bio to find out more about legal internships, Melbourne Law School places student experience at the centre of their account.

Columbia Law School- US

Captivating video content makes Columbia Law School stand out among the competition.

In this post, law students are explaining the challenges and advantages of Columbia. By opening up to the audience about common experiences that future applicants may face, scrollers may feel compelled to take a closer look at the school.

UEA Law School- UK

Stamping their posts with quirky designs, UEA is building online recognition by branding their content with brightly coloured frames (as displayed above).

Featuring a student quote and integrating it into the frame also adds a splash of individuality to the post and imprints an unforgettable style to the board overall.

UCalgary Law- Canada

Happy, smiling faces from the University of Calgary law students!

A post that radiates real-world success and a potential future for those scrolling through, this Insta post illuminates the benefits of graduating with a fresh law degree and becoming part of the UCalgary family.

Bucerius Law School- Germany

Taking on the 100year challenge, this law school in Canada is showing off its legacy on Instagram.

With a group photo that dates back to 2008, it’s a smart way of showing its longstanding reign and its diverse faculty!

Plus, it also showcases an upgraded smart screen in the background- demonstrating that they’re in sync with tech trends!

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