5 Instagram accounts school teachers need to follow
Teachers - here are five Instagram accounts you should check out. Source: Shutterstock

Instagram isn’t merely a platform for people to share snippets of their lives with their followers; it also acts as an outlet for creative expression.

Social media-savvy teachers are also using Instagram for their #OOTD or #feetupFriday posts, as well as for sharing resources with others within the teaching community, be it recommending books to use in the classroom, classroom decoration ideas, lesson plans and more. Some enterprising teachers are even moonlighting as social media influencers to supplement their main income.

So, whether you teach kindergarten or preteens, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to jazz up your classroom or further engage students in your lessons, here are some Instagram accounts featuring teachers who are putting their social media presence to good use:  


With over 40,000 followers, lessonswithlaughter is the social media account of US 5th Grade teacher, Molly Maloy.

In her account, she doesn’t only document ideas on what teachers can do to promote a more conducive classroom, she shares ideas of how she sets up her classroom, as well as recommending books and useful apps other teachers can draw inspiration from.  


Following this account will get your creative juices flowing, inspiring you to transform a boring classroom into a colourful work of art that will make students excited to learn.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Sarah Lanser, Year 4 teacher at Australia’s Epping Public School, and mastermind behind teacherishappy, says she “generally spends the first two weeks of term decorating her room to create a ‘warm and safe’ space for her class”.

She changes it up throughout the year, adding that it takes a lot of effort.


Bethany Humphrey is a 4th Grade teacher who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her instagram account documents a motley of things, from organisational products to ideas on lesson planning.

According to her blog, Humphrey enjoys using musical strategies not just to help students learn, but to boost engagement in the classroom. Scroll through her feed and you’ll see many music-inspired elements featured on her account.



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Happy Thursday, friends! I want to share one of my favorite math activities with you. It’s called Target Number. 🎯#️⃣ This is a great activity to complete while learning about order of operations! Students work in small groups (I love groups! #mathtalk), partners, or even independently- you choose! Then using their deck of cards, they’ll pull out one card. That card becomes their “target number”. The next five cards will be the numbers they use to create the target number. It doesn’t matter what order they put the five numbers in or which operations they use…as long as they are able to achieve the target number! *If students are struggling to obtain the target number, I allow them to swap out a card and keep trying. Odds are good that there is, indeed, at least one way to solve the problem- it just takes perseverance! After the group has found a solution, they call me over and I check their work. Students then try to find another way to create the same target number using the same cards, OR they can draw six new cards. (PS I love the game so much, I made my @teachyourheartoutcon session attendees play it. Swipe to see them working hard!)

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How do you teach students mathematics? How can you encourage students to formulate comprehension questions? How can students grasp grammar? Essentially – how do you make learning more effective for students?

This account by Brittney Root, a 5th Grade teacher, is bubbling with lesson ideas teachers can tweak or emulate in their classroom.  



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I thoroughly enjoy adding chromosomes to anchor charts. With sticky notes and lettering, they’re the perfect visual for my students. This chart was made because my kiddos frequently mix up genotypes with genes. I color coded the lettering here so that students can see that a GENoTYPE is not a gene but a TYPE of GENE specified by the combination of alleles. . . We are testing today which means bare walls 😭all the genetics anchor charts will be down until testing is completed! The students hate that 😂 . . Happy Thursday everyone! . . #teachersfollowteachers #tftpickme #tpt #teacherspayteachers #weareteachers #iteachtoo #teach #teachertips #teacherfriends #teacherlife #classroomorganization #classroomdecor #anchorcharts #teachertribe #teachersofthegram #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #scienceteacher #iteachscience #teacherstatus #teachergoals #interactivenotebook #mindmapping #iteach456 #iteach678

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Not every student sees science as an easy or interesting subject. However, if you’re a science teacher, following this account might just inspire you to use your creative spunk to get your students excited about science.

Based in the US, the_weird_science_teacher creates impressive posters, fun powerpoints and the like to facilitate student learning.

Apart from that, she also shares snippets of her thoughts, such as being an introverted teacher andhow she makes her classroom more approachable (hint: colour), that other teachers can learn from or relate to.

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