5 international school Instagram accounts students love to follow
Would you follow these Instagram accounts? Source: Rio Bahtiar/Unsplash

With such a variety of international schools open to K12 learners, choosig the right for your child/children is a daunting task.

How to choose from the global spread of international schools? Source: Giphy

The ultimate asset international schools can display through social media is inclusivity.

That’s why Instagram is considered a useful form of marketing apparatus. By projecting community spirit and integration through their storyboards, international schools have a chance to stand out from worldwide competition.

Here at Study International, we’ve decided to shine a light on 5 international school Instagram accounts that really caught our eyes..

Nexus International School – Singapore

As a school that trains incredibly talented sports teams, Nexus is sure to update followers on all the latest victories.

By using words like ‘our’ and hashtags like ‘#nexusfamily’ throughout their posts, the school promotes community-focused content and projects a sense of togetherness. Upon joining this international school, any child is bound to feel part of a truly global team.

Garden International School – Malaysia

Garden International School (GIS) in Malaysia looks like a great adventure, with Instagram posts showcasing challenge-based learning techniques.

From young learners to modern day inquirers, GIS directs both its audience and its student body towards a theme of discovery. Daring to trial new techniques, this account amplifies the need for innovation in international schools today.

Zurich International School – Switzerland 

Zurich International in Switzerland makes sure to cover all relevant STEM/STEAM activities.

By forming an allegiance against academic inequality, this international school races forward with tech-savvy learning tools and tactical teamwork initiatives. For parents looking to send their child to a future-facing school, Zurich appears to be a solid contender.

Yokohama International School – Japan

Yokohama International School in Japan has used Instagram as a platform to support parent-student interaction.

In this post, it’s clear that parents play an active role in the school and are, in fact, invited to do so. By transforming the educational experience into a joint system between both learner and parent, productive learning outcomes are achieved.

Jerudong International School – Brunei 

Based in the beautiful surroundings of Brunei, JIS knows how to promote its open days and enrollment sessions.

With informative posts about the IB process and hashtags that reinforce the school’s education style, the account lures its audience in with concise phrases and to-the-point marketing – especially with the statistics above!

Each one of these five school accountsh takes a similar approach to marketing their experience.

By focusing on community, inclusivity and high-quality teaching, it’s highly likely that these accounts play their part in securing student applications.

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