5 Australian university Instagram accounts students love to follow
How powerful is the influence of these Instagram accounts? Source: Shutterstock

We live in a world where virtual ‘likes’ are regularly exchanged for real-world approval, and universities across the globe are creating Instagram accounts to capture the attention of international students.

By establishing vibrant and student-friendly photo boards that portray the institution’s benefits and help promote their brand, academic institutions can save money on huge marketing campaigns and take control of their online presence.

Instagram has evolved into an online juggernaut. Source: Giphy

Below, we have compiled a list of five Australian university Instagram accounts students love to follow, featuring a single, thought-out post to explain their social efforts.

popular study destination, international learners consistently choose Australia as their ultimate study abroad option. With a healthy supply of sunshine and plenty to do and see, it’s really no surprise!

University of Melbourne – 68.7k followers


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Summer is officially here! 😎 Photo by @firstyearatunimelb #unimelb

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A sunny image posted in December shows future students they won’t have to suffer in the cold!

Focusing on two current learners giving each other a high five is an enticing way to demonstrate student diversity and teamwork. With the beautiful backdrop of the university grounds behind them, the University of Melbourne looks like a dream getaway destination. And who wouldn’t want that?

Monash University – 39.9k followers

Nothing beats a cute Koala! Showcasing the natural wildlife that surrounds Monash is another way to motivate international students.

With a fun fact to match, Monash University makes their Instagram posts likeable and fun, also promoting the best of what Australia has to offer.

University of New South Wales – 34k followers

Who can resist a fluffy dog?! Especially when it’s representing your university of choice!

In this post, UNSW are also promoting some of their merchandise. Lots of international students love buying souvenirs, so this is a clever way of showing what they might receive if they graduate from this university.

University of Adelaide – 23.9k followers

By featuring these female scholars in an Instagram post, Adelaide demonstrates its commitment to equality and takes great pride in student achievements.

By personalising their posts and tagging these scholars, the university gives international students a chance to reach out and to ask them questions about their experience, hoping that many will decide to follow in their footsteps!

University of Western Australia- 12.3k followers


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When you have the whole campus to yourself 💛💁 📸 : @sunnyjyliu

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Sticking with the colours of yellow, this post flows nicely throughout the Instagram board of UWA.

Featuring an international student who had the whole campus to herself over the Christmas break is a great way of reaching out to an international audience.

So, out of the five Instagram accounts above, which is YOUR favourite?

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