5 US University Instagram accounts students love to follow
Would you follow these Instagram accounts? Source: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

Capturing your target audience through Instagram posts isn’t always easy – especially for universities.

Content must be student-friendly, informative and innovative to grasp the fleeting attention of contemporary learners.

It’s so easy for students to spend all day scrolling. Source: Giphy

We decided to take a look at 5 US university Instagram accounts with a large social following, allowing us to distinguish what makes them different and what’s great for reeling in an international student audience.

West Virginia University – 92.4k Followers

With a fluent brand format, West Virginia has themed its Instagram profile around the two main brand colours of yellow and blue.

A consistent colour scheme means the institution has created a visually-appealing display of community photos and ‘Mountaineer Mascot’ posts, keeping its overall brand and values at the front of student minds.

As you can see from the post above, this university values student spirit and charity and hosts regular celebrations, a great appeal for the prospective international student.

Texas Tech University- 61.9k Followers

Texas Tech (TT) knows how to target international students with relatable posts and alumni quotes.

By featuring current students of TT in a range of social posts, the university has a much greater chance of connecting to aspiring learners.

This is also a great way for the university to advertise courses offered, including the Masters and Doctoral degrees featured in the image above. And by marketing the #DegreesOfImpact feature and providing a link, TT entices potential students towards additional information on the website.

Boston University- 67.9k Followers

This Instagram video instantly sparks the attention of scrollers.

Through happy-go-lucky music and a snappy feature of a successful student’s journey, Boston University breathes life into its content.

The video also takes you on a miniature campus tour from a POV perspective so you feel you’re part of the action. As one of the most immersive techniques universities can employ, Boston does it with style.

Georgetown University- 59.3k Followers

Who doesn’t love dogs? As we all know, the viral vids of the digital age have sparked a pet phenomenon and brought joy to social media users across the globe.

Georgetown University hopes its lovely canine content will attract students from afar and inspire them to consider a Georgetown application.

With an Instagram full of both pet- and student-friendly posts, Georgetown uses this social platform in the most effective way.

Penn State University- 127k Followers 

Nothing beats a campus post like this.

Here, students gather together to form the word ‘UNITE’ on the university lawn.

With one simple word made up of student bodies, Penn State University makes a bold statement, saying this is an academic institution that truly does value every person. This is a great asset to present to an international audience.

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