5 UK University Instagram accounts students love to follow
Do these social media accounts appeal to you? Source: Campbell Boulanger/ Unsplash

In a world where currency comes in the form of virtual ‘likes’, in which social media is the main source of human interaction, many universities in the UK have hired marketing teams to manage their online Instagram profiles in an attempt to boost their student numbers.

By reeling potential students in with engaging posts and tech-savvy communication tools, learners have started to align their aspirations with the positive imagery they see on university Instagram profiles.

Social media and students is a match made in heaven! Source: Giphy

Here at Study International, we’ve decided to take a look at 5 university Instagram accounts with a high follower count to work out why students love engaging with them…

The University of Edinburgh

By demonstrating to potential students the perks of their open day and the freebies you’ll receive, this bright Instagram post immediately catches your eye. With smiling faces and a busy crowd, it shows what life could look like after you enrol next year.

Cardiff University

By cleverly featuring its new title as ‘one of the most beautiful universities in the UK’, Cardiff University has created a vibrant collage to show future, and current students, the beauty of its campus. With a core focus on campus life, the university has successfully reflected its inspirational learning environment.

The University of Warwick 

In this post, Warwick asks new students to share their study space images with them. This is a clear example of how the university maintains fluent interaction with learners while promoting the benefits of staying in their accommodation – it’s a win-win situation for all!

University of St Andrews

Student support is essential for a university and its learners to succeed. The University of St Andrews has gone the extra mile and publicised its students’ charity efforts to raise awareness and show that they care about all student accomplishments. Good Luck to Merlin and Alex!

The University of Nottingham

As we all know, furry and friendly creatures are a great source of marketing. That’s why the University of Nottingham has informed library users of Bertie’s presence and promoted their commitment to supporting students from all walks of life – even if they happen to be cats!

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