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University of the District of Columbia: Where successful engineers are made

Washington, DC, is known as the capital of the US and home to the White House. But the city has so much more to offer. At Connecticut Avenue, the University of the District of Columbia is opening doors to opportunities that can only be found in the nation’s capital.

For aspiring engineers, it’s the best culmination to the ABET accredited, quality education they receive at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). Whether they are pursuing Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, they are realising their potential through leadership opportunities, expert mentoring by faculty members with PhDs, peer mentoring opportunities and active student clubs. There are educational partnerships with Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Cisco systems courses, and a mentoring programme with Amazon as well. 

For its wide range of benefits, a UDC degree is affordable, with no compromise on quality. UDC is ranked as the best affordable mechanical engineering degree programme. This means that SEAS graduates are not only prepared for high-demand careers in engineering and computer science, they are set for a high return on investment in their degree. 

Graduates land jobs easily. This is proven by UDC’s outstanding track record with placing students in permanent jobs. Previous internship placements included Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Microsoft, NASA National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST), Oak Ridge National Lab, San Francisco International Airport, US Naval Research Lab, Warner Bros Technology, and more.

These features combined ensures that UDC SEAS students are equipped with skills and knowledge for successful careers. Just ask these three students:

University of the District of Columbia

The research centre provides opportunities, infrastructure, and resources that encourage students to pursue their finest work in theory and practice. Source: University of the District of Columbia

Luis Hernandez

At SEAS, classes are small. Each class has an average of less than 15 students, allowing them to connect with their professors and peers easily. 

This is one of the main reasons Luis Hernandez chose to study here. “I met professors that promoted self-learning, were understanding and took time to meet you at their office times,” says the Electrical Engineering student. 

His most memorable class was his capstone senior project. “This class is designed to develop new skills, reinforce previous knowledge and find your true passion in engineering,” says Hernandez. 

“We are asked to solve a problem that is ethical, beneficial towards our community and is in the field of engineering. The UDC laboratory at this time had been fully updated with state-of-the-art oscilloscopes, power generators, multimeters, which led us to work more efficient and with more motivation.”

Jamelia Ancel

Jamelia Ancel dreamed of pursuing a degree that combines engineering, technology and medicine. With UDC’s Biomedical Engineering programme, she could do just that. 

Ancel is from Jamaica. Moving to the US wasn’t cheap for her, but UDC’s many financial aid options ensure every student is able to complete their education. Ancel is one of the many recipients of UDC’s financial support. “I have received a merit scholarship that allowed me to study at the university tuition-free, as well as being recommended for the TMCF Apple Engineering and Innovation Scholarship by two professors which I got,” she explains. 

At first, Ancel was extremely nervous and struggled with her programme’s hands-on work. That soon passed thanks to the constant support and guidance of her peers and lecturers.

“I was bombarded with the COVID-19 virus in the second semester of my first year which made everything difficult since there were so many changes,” Ancel shares. “To overcome these challenges, I started getting tips from upperclassmen on their experiences whether it be with courses or internships and started making progressive improvements,” she adds. 

University of the District of Columbia

UDC graduates have gone on to secure quality internship experiences that helps them to kickstart their careers. Source: University of the District of Columbia

Koffi Fonzan

After completing his associate degree in science in, Koffi Fonzan was looking for a university that would allow him to pursue his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering while maintaining his full-time job. 

“I decided to go with UDC as it was convenient, and affordable and suited my situation well,” Fonzan explains. “UDC was less expensive to attend, and the ratio of students per teacher is excellent. The geographical position of the school is another factor that I would not overlook; the school is easily accessible using public transportation (train or bus),” he adds.

SEAS lecturers are always ready to help and guide him too. “It is undeniable that they are willing to collaborate with you if you are willing to learn,” he says. “I had great instructors who were knowledgeable, patient, and willing to work with every student.”

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