UConn: Connecting you to Energy and Environmental Law

The popular Energy and Environmental Law LL.M. at the University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Law offers the chance to study renewable energy policies, global energy needs and climate change solutions with students from around the globe.

“I’m really glad that I chose to support my future with the Energy and Environmental Law program,” student Jonathon Anderson says. “New England is a really interesting place to study as it has an engaging energy marketplace, and the program is directed by a professor with extraordinary industry links. I agree that we should look at environmental and energy law holistically, as you really can’t solve one without solving the other.”

The coursework takes a practical approach to learning and helps students tackle complex challenges relating to the global energy and environmental sector. Classes are small, and expert lecturers have real-world experience in their respective fields. Students can extend their studies with lectures from scientists and researchers, and even have the option to conduct their own research projects. Strong ties to the State of Connecticut’s legislative, judicial and executive branches provide unique opportunities for external field placements, granting students the real-world work experience employers actively seek.

Source: UConn School of Law – Prof. Joe Macdougald, director of the Energy & Environmental Law LLM regularly counsels students on their academic paths.

The law school’s Center for Energy & Environmental Law (CEEL) bolsters the LL.M. program with support that extends beyond the classroom. CEEL sponsors off-campus site visits and on-campus careers events, panel discussions and conferences that directly involve students. Also, the law school’s Career Planning Center provides counseling, professional programming workshops, mock interviews and networking opportunities.

CEEL is also a sponsor of the international Just Transition Conference, which explores climate, energy and environmental justice with partner universities from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia. “With UConn’s participation in the Just Transition Conference, we strengthen our relationships with Queen Mary University (UK) and other partner institutions,” says Professor Sara Bronin, CEEL’s Faculty Director.

“We are proud to offer half a dozen students an invaluable opportunity to learn from and liaise with internationally recognized scholars. All of us have gained a deeper understanding of environmental justice and the pressing need for its integration into our laws.”

Source: UConn School of Law – Professor Sara Bronin

LL.M. degree candidates at UConn School of Law learn alongside American and international students on a stunning neo-Gothic campus that offers countless benefits. The Thomas J. Meskill Law Library, one of the 50 most amazing university libraries in the world, has a 500,000-volume collection of legal periodicals and a wide range of student support services. In addition to attending lectures, conferences, and networking events, you can choose from dozens of student-run organizations, including the active Energy and Environmental Law Society, for social and professional support.

Bless Godday Iyere, who came from Nigeria to earn an LL.M. in Energy and Environment Law, says he thoroughly enjoyed his studies and appreciates the opportunities his degree has inspired.

Source: UConn School of Law – Graduation

“Thanks to UConn, I’ve had the opportunity to work in environmental and energy law firms and even in the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection,” he explains. “Since graduating, I feel a lot more confident about my future and see myself working in a law firm in the United States. With the university professor’s guidance and networks, I know that they will help me to secure incredible opportunities in my area of study.”

And for any aspiring students hoping to secure a place at UConn School of Law, Iyere has a few words of encouragement: “UConn is truly one of the best law schools out there. With high-quality lectures, exposure and career opportunities, you can get more than your money’s worth. It’s all available for you here!”

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