UConn School of Law: The ideal backdrop for unleashing your full potential

UConn School of Law: The ideal backdrop for unleashing your full potential
Source: UConn Law School

The decision to go to law school is a milestone in any student’s life. Your choice will set you on a path to the rest of your life, so deciding which school is right for you should take time and consideration. You want a high-quality education in the perfect environment for you and a pragmatic, hands-on experience that prepares you for a thriving career.

At the University of Connecticut’s (UConn) School of Law, you’ll receive the full package.

Offering Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and Doctor of the Science of Law programs, this historic school, founded in 1921, is the top public law school in the Northeast.  The stunning campus in the West End of Hartford, Connecticut, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered among the most beautiful of any law school in the United States.

The campus is surrounded by Victorian homes and lies just a few miles from the museums, restaurants and vibrant nightlife of downtown Hartford, as well as the charming shopping district of West Hartford Center. New York and Boston are both within easy reach, a few hours away by car or public transportation.

Source: UConn Law School

Yoel Elfassi, U.S. Legal Studies LLM, appreciates that UConn Law’s “location in the heart of New England gives you the opportunity to be close to beautiful mountains, beaches and big cities.”

The five-story Thomas J. Meskill Law Library is one of the largest law libraries in the world, designed to match the historic buildings around it but enhanced with modern amenities and technology. It has more than 400 study carrels, 15 study rooms, two lounges, several classrooms and a computer lab. It was  recently named among the 50 Most Amazing University Libraries in the World by Best Masters Programs.

The dedicated faculty and world-class facilities at UConn Law are as inspiring as the surroundings. Students have regular access to faculty in the classroom, at office hours and at campus events designed for students and faculty to connect.  Andres Avila, a recent graduate with an LLM in Insurance Law, describes UConn Law as “an environment where you create knowledge with the professor. Studying at UConn Law is a discovery exercise where faculty and students work together in the classroom to master the law.”

A range of public legal clinics provide the opportunity to represent clients who are often the most vulnerable in society. For example, in the Asylum and Human Rights Clinic, law students handle every aspect of representation in high-stakes cases that determine whether clients who have fled persecution in their home countries will be granted asylum in the United States.

In addition to the clinics, UConn Law offers an extensive range of practice-based learning opportunities for students to explore different careers, including  through individual externships.  These experiences prepare students to practice law ethically and competently, and gain experience in a setting tailored to their unique interests and professional aspirations.

Believing that the study of law extends beyond the classroom and curriculum, UConn School of Law encourages the diverse and welcoming student body to come together for mutual support. LLM students attend classes with JD students,  so that students learn from each person’s unique capabilities and academic strengths.

Source: UConn Law School

“Being a part of the UConn Law community is not just about being a student.  You get to interact with people from all over the world creating a network that will last far beyond your degree program” says Ping Liu, US Legal Studies LLM and current SJD student.

The law school hosts more than 40 active student organizations, from the Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers and the Public Interest Law Group to the Christian Legal Society, Jewish Law Students Association, and Muslim Students Association. At UConn School of Law, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest, allowing you to seek out kindred spirits among the many activities available.

There is also a strong support system for students seeking advice or guidance on a wide range of issues. If you’re approaching graduation and seeking that dream job, or perhaps need a little support with personal matters while studying, or maybe just in need of a friendly face, Student Services has you covered. The staff is dedicated to making sure you make the most of your time at UConn Law and reach your full potential both during and after your studies

For all these reasons, and so many more, UConn School of Law represents the ideal environment to unleash your full potential.

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