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“A great benefit of the US Legal Studies LLM Program is being able to create my own program from all the course offerings. This, combined with an interactive classroom experience where students and faculty raise questions, creates a tight community for every student to learn and grow.” Shir Cornblum, LLM US Legal Studies student, UConn

As one of the leading public law schools in the country, the University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Law offers students an exceptionally high-value education. Founded in 1921, UConn Law provides a professional qualification that prepares graduates for a lifetime of fulfilling service in any career they choose, including the bar, government, business and education. And what makes UConn Law’s legal education so special is that it prepares students to practice law in any jurisdiction in which they are eligible to apply.

“We are different from other law schools: not just in our small classes, guaranteeing you direct personal attention from faculty; and not just in the national and international renown our professors bring to the classroom,” says Timothy Fisher, Dean of the University of Connecticut’s School of Law. “Our energy, our engagement with the professional and institutional communities around us, and our deep impact on public policy, all make this the law school of choice for anyone who plans to make a difference in the world.”

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Students pursue an education that emphasizes intellectual discipline and the development of the professional analytical expertise required to respond to continuing changes in the law. They are encouraged to pursue individual interest and take the chance to explore the wide variety of courses that are offered. “As a student enrolled in the Human Rights and Asylum Clinic, I am impressed at how professors give the students the freedom to use their creativity in helping clients, but also channel their own experiences to give us the best educational experience and the clients a positive result,” says Komla Matrevi, an LLM student LLM in the Human Rights and Social Justice program.

For those already in possession of an international law degree, UConn Law offers five Master of Laws (LLM) programs across multiple disciplines, including US Legal Studies, Insurance Law, Human Rights and Social Justice, Intellectual Property and Information Governance and Energy and Environmental Law. Students enrolled in an LLM program also have the option to pursue an additional semester to gain professional development experience in a legal practice setting.

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The LLM+ program caters to students who would like a full-time, practice-based experience within their degree. With UConn Law’s campus set so near the State Capitol, courts and agencies, plus the offices of Hartford’s law firms and corporations – you’ll be able to apply to these organizations for your real-world professional placement.  Additionally, students may apply for a placement as part of the D.C. Program.

Besides industry work, students also participate in clinical programs, individual externships, simulation-based courses, and practice-based learning activities that instill valuable hands-on experience. UConn Law also boasts student organizations that seek to help students develop specific knowledge and expertise. If you’re confident enough, you can even join competitions and represent UConn Law at a national level.

As an early leader in experiential learning, UConn cultivates the ‘learn by doing’ method, encouraging students to take the initiative and be active in their learning. UConn Law LLM students take on an intensive first semester course in legal research and writing and US legal doctrine to support their integration into US legal principles. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, UConn Law students form an excellent relationship with teachers, allowing students to exchange ideas in a supportive learning environment. Because LLM students are in classes alongside JD students, this support creates an ideal atmosphere for exploring comparative law.  In addition, UConn Law’s pro bono services gives students a chance to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of the law and legal institutions while engaging in the wider community.

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to pursue an LLM in Human Rights and Social Justice at UConn Law,” says Lisamaria Proscino. “The support of the community, the flexibility of the schedule and the interdisciplinary approach all contributed to my success in this program. The LLM programs help you broaden your legal expertise while also creating an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself in your career.”

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