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Labelled as the “beating heart of new music in the UK”, Manchester’s music scene is fast-expanding with trendy venues and international performance events. Set in this incredibly creative city, the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) is in a prime study location. Whether you want to write your very own symphony or present your new work to the world, the College’s high-class facilities are ready and waiting for you. Aspiring students aren’t the only ones who are captivated by the RNCM’s reputation, there’s also a faculty full of accomplished tutors. Home to a colossal field of industry experts, RNCM is devoted to shaping your studies and future profession.

So, what can you study at the Royal Northern College of Music? As the topic itself is so broad, you’ll be thrilled to know that the College covers a wide scope of subjects. For four years, or three if you’re an outstanding applicant, you can become part of the Bachelor of Music programme (BMus). Focused on a rapidly-changing sector, the syllabus remains relevant. Your analytical skills will be challenged whilst you run an independent project. Guided by mentors, your confidence will soar as you navigate your way around the music industry. Not only will you get the chance to display your talents on stage, you’ll also gain in-depth knowledge and awareness of music’s aesthetics. From a psychological perspective, music holds the ability to dramatically impact society. Links between culture and music will be examined and you will secure a solid understanding of the area.

Synthesize Student Understanding

To make the most of your degree, understanding the course is crucial. Therefore, at RNCM you’ll receive expert tuition in editing, recording, conducting, teaching skills and musicians’ health. Staff members are there to support you with any issues and they will reassure you that you’re capable of achieving anything. That’s what Wilcox Leung, originally from Hong Kong, loves about his BMus (Hons) course, “the teachers and people create a really positive learning engagement environment. We do have competition in this industry, it’s a tough industry, but it’s how we turn this competition into a really supportive way to enhance our careers and our development as well.”

Your studies aren’t just limited to Manchester, either; if you’re an opportunist, you can jump on board one of the many student exchanges running at the Royal Northern College of Music. Institutions associated with the study abroad program are found in Asia, Canada, Australia, South America and Europe. You have the freedom to expand your horizons and acquire further knowledge from diverse cultural settings. Or, if you want to extend your musical journey with a Master’s degree, you can apply for the prestigious RNCM Graduate School. By undertaking advanced training at the college, your postgraduate studies will take you to esteemed platforms. For instance, an International Artist Diploma will direct you to high-profile performance opportunities. Additionally, you’ll receive access to a professional pianist and intensive one-to-one tuition with a range of tutors.

Music in Manchester   

In Manchester, the music scene matters. Rich with history, there’s a collection of world-famous artists and bands who originate from the northern city. A few of them you may have heard of, such as Oasis, The Smiths and The Hollies. Tourists from all over the world flock to the streets of Manchester to experience the bustling rhythm and quirky gigs. Artistic abilities are welcomed with open arms and RNCM students often engage with the contemporary and classical events going on outside of studies.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester recently credited the Royal Northern College of Music for “establishing a unique and pioneering a Popular Music Degree programme.” The first ever UK four-year course combines a team of Visiting Tutors who have invaluable industry experience and are linked to well-known bands and singers such as James Morrison, Simply Red and Sting. As a Mayor who loves music, Mr Andy Burnham believes that the introduction of this course is exactly what the next generation of musicians in Manchester needs.

RNCM Popular Music Vocals student Samantha Kok agrees with the city’s appeal, “Manchester is great because it’s not as big as a city as London. It’s easy to get around, I walk to most places and you get to meet people from different fields and areas. If I go to a gig I get to meet other musicians who are not from the RNCM, and non-musicians who just enjoy music or art and culture.”

Providing Future Prospects

With an array of distinguished Alumni, there’s key evidence emphasising the supremacy of the Royal Northern College’s reputation. Many graduates have gone into the world and fulfilled their professional desires. From conductors and composers to inspiring teachers and educators, recipients of RNCM degrees have dived into a variety of fields.

Royal Northern enthusiast she found the International Office extremely helpful. When questioned about her plans after the MMus course, she felt as though her options were open. “I don’t have a cemented plan for my future but I’m quite flexible and want to see where life will take me. To get to where it will take me I need a good foundation. And I think that is what RNCM offers me, a good foundation, a good network and a great time.”

You may also want to get involved with the RNCM Engage initiative. By reaching out to regional communities, people of all ages can get involved with the extraordinary productions and projects. There are inspirational Children’s Operas and exciting educational family days. As long as you’re willing to dedicate time and effort into the schemes, you’re more than welcome to join in!


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