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Gifted, supportive and dedicated to their craft — these are qualities held by every Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) student. Offering a variety of programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, the RNCM is a haven for young musicians from all over the world to discover and practice their talents through a combination of principal study, academic training and career development.

At the crux of this is a flexible format that enables every student to develop a programme that is right for them. For example, the Bachelor of Music with Honours (BMus) provides principal study options encompassing almost every instrument available in our modern world. No matter if they choose to focus on one discipline or divide their tuition between two specialisms, students are deeply immersed in their craft through one-to-one tuition, group classes, masterclasses and additional creative and performance opportunities.

The Bachelor of Music with Honours in Popular Music is just as exciting. As the UK’s only four-year degree of its kind, this innovative programme teaches the essential skills of the 3D musician: performance, composition and production. Upon joining, every student can create a bespoke package that focuses on the skills and areas they’re keen to excel in.

Royal Northern College of Music

At one of the world’s most forward-thinking conservatoires, students have a wide range of performance opportunities. Source: Royal Northern College of Music ©Robin Clewley

Then there are the multitude of postgraduate options. The Master of Music (MMus) is perfect for the music professional looking to take action in making their dreams a reality. The Master of Performance is similarly designed — combining advanced practical and pedagogical training as well as vocational studies to create versatile and resilient performers who will thrive in their careers.

Of course, this makes for the necessity for a wide range of performance opportunities — and the RNCM has some of the best on offer. From large orchestral projects to intimate chamber concerts and solo recitals, students are given the space to explore to their heart’s content.

Mezzo-soprano Morgana Warren-Jones was one such student. “One of my most memorable experiences here at the RNCM was gaining my first role in an opera, and that happens to be the lead role in The Medium by Menotti,” she shares. “It gave me a big boost of confidence to have gained that role to begin with. On top of that, it was a really important learning journey to really delve into a character, find all the nuances in her personality and explore her journey throughout the opera.”

Warren-Jones is taking the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Studies (PGDip), a specialised programme for performers and composers with a master’s level qualification who aim to perfect their craft. With this, she receives regular tuition from a team of internationally-acclaimed staff, countless performance opportunities, individualised support and mentorship and vocational and academic elective module options to complement her experience.

Royal Northern College of Music

Performance is a key part of conservatoire training and one of the most exciting things about studying with RNCM. Source: Royal Northern College of Music ©Robin Clewley

This includes external professional opportunities, too. In fact, all RNCM students can audition for Professional Experience Schemes, where they can gain real-world experience working with renowned orchestras and arts organisations worldwide. Others have toured overseas as part of their programmes, participating in everything from music festivals in Italy to workshops and concerts in China.

That’s not to ignore the myriad of opportunities available in Manchester itself. As a city thriving in arts and culture, Manchester is a regular pitstop for touring musicians, festivals, concerts and more. Local artists have much to offer in music, pushing the boundaries of musical genres and creating new sounds. It’s certainly an exciting space for anyone with a deep love and appreciation for music.

In addition to giving students unparalleled performing experience, it also enables them to grow their network — an invaluable tool for every budding musician. “I loved being able to build strong relationships and bonds with my tutors as well as my friends,” says MMus Composition student Po Hang Yuen. “They not only taught me to become a better composer but a better musician and a better person.”

Outside of helping students achieve their dreams, the RNCM is an active player in reducing their carbon footprint in higher education. Key steps include removing all investments in fossil fuels, ensuring full heat decarbonisation by 2038 and minimising carbon emissions by 13% annually. A major leap was the college’s decarbonisation project, in which renewable technologies were introduced to increase energy efficiency and significantly lessen the use of grid electricity.

Combined, the RNCM is a space that welcomes and encourages everyone with a sincere love for music to become the artist they were always meant to be. “Just being able to come to the RNCM everyday and do what I love, which is sing, has made me feel like my life has purpose,” shares vocal student Kanchana Jaishankar. “It’s made me really happy and a lot less lonely than I thought I’d be.”

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