Tulane University: Take your career in OHSM to new heights

By offering an exclusive MPH in Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSM) and a wide range of online distance learning programs, the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM) at Tulane University of Louisiana will take your career to new heights.

As a mid-career professional program designed to enhance your leadership and management skills, it’s ideal for those looking to progress in the environmental, occupational health, industrial hygiene and/or safety sector.

Manage People, Projects and Processes

Are you someone who delivers health and safety expertise to working line operators and mechanics in your organization?  Or someone who uses their leadership skills to deliver occupational health and safety management (OHSM) expertise on a daily basis?

If yes, this is the perfect distance learning program for you to pursue. By helping you effectively manage people, projects and processes, the MPH OHSM program at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine allows you to advance your professional portfolio and build on your existing strengths.

Since the program consists of many writing tasks, both national and international applicants are expected to have a moderate to high proficiency in the English language. Alongside key language skills, it also helps you understand key principles of authentic leadership and have a strong desire for new career directions.

Once you’ve completed the MPH OHSM program, you will master application-orientated approaches to leading and managing occupational health and safety programs in your organization. With a renewed sense of confidence and the ability to integrate the fundamentals of project management into your current job role, you’ll find yourself much closer to achieving your ultimate career goals.

All SPHTM distance learning programs operate out of the Center for Applied Environmental Public Health at this highly specialized school.

Systems Thinking Approach

Through the strategic systems thinking approach, the MPH in occupational health and safety management at Tulane encourages you to explore different perspectives, inter-relationships and boundaries.

To further explain the concept, Assistant Professor Dr. James Leemann states that, “Systems thinking means different things to different people. Even so, most all would agree that this type of thinking is a disciplined approach to address problems. The reason it’s important in the OHS field is that the methods and tools of systems thinking allow you to go beyond merely looking at data and jumping to a conclusion.  Instead, you’ll consider the numerous contributing factors that may not surface in the empirical data.”

By embedding the systems thinking approach within its syllabus, the School of Public Health supplies you with a well-rounded learning experience. Unlike other universities, Tulane adopts a non-biased teaching style and wants you to see every academic angle.

During your OHSM postgraduate studies, you’ll learn a new way of thinking and apply it to interactive group study sessions. By pursuing a group project within a virtual setting, you’ll have the chance to tackle a real or hypothetical occupational health and safety problem and will dramatically improve your practical expertise.

From Learner to Leader

Essentially, all students who receive the MPH from Tulane University are expected to complete a practicum. As the school acknowledges your mid-career professional background, it has created Distance Learning (DL) practicums to keep your cycle of continuous improvement running.

The Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine instills valuable management skills in its students, so distance learners on the OHSM postgraduate program rapidly transform into leaders. So, if you’re looking to steer your career towards a new direction, it’s wise to structure your practicum/internship around an alternative area of work.

For example, you could choose a workplace practicum that builds upon prior or current experiences. Or, you could opt for a leadership practicum that will be done with the guidance of a leader in your organization or an experienced member of the Tulane distance learning faculty such as Dr. James Leemann.

As Dr. Leemann adds, “Our portfolio of courses and practicums are geared to address the evolving issues in the professional safety and health career fields. Over the years, these fields have matured from being primarily regulatory compliance-driven to requiring professionals that know how to deliver the necessary safety and health knowledge in their organizational setting to prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring.”

OHSM Career Outcomes

Typically, when you join a Master’s program as a mid-career professional, you expect your qualification to elevate you to the next level. Fortunately for you, Tulane understands the value of an MPH degree in occupational health and safety management and recognizes the positive impact this achievement has on your career.

By blending the fundamentals of budgeting, financial management, and project management, this program grants you a wealth of knowledge in the style of systems thinking. As your daily work involves addressing environmental impact issues, personal occupational safety and health issues and matters that could affect communities, this degree will strengthen and develop your social influence.

At Tulane, the OHSM career outcomes are limitless. With this degree, you can move into prosperous leadership positions in your industry and acquire the opportunity to upgrade your pre-existing skills.

The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Tulane University of Louisiana wants you to succeed. Once you enroll on its exceptional MPH in Occupational Health and Safety Management, you’re ready to take your career to new heights.

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