Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Take your studies further through Distance Learning

Learning that’s professional and portable

Ever wanted to pursue a professional learning program but simply can’t afford the life disruption and cost? Well, if you’re looking to study occupational and environmental health, here, you’re in luck! At the CEPH-accredited School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine at Tulane University, finances and location are certainly no issue.

Powered by the school’s dynamic distance learning schemes, you can learn from a first-class faculty from anywhere around the world. By joining Tulane University’s online student network, you’ll receive an extensive range of Graduate Certificate and Master’s study pathways, including studies in occupational and environmental health, disaster management and industrial hygiene.

One of the school’s most popular distance learning offerings is the Master’s of Public Health (MPH) in Occupational Health and Safety Management scheme. This mid-career professional program will enhance your management skills in health and safety, allowing you to secure sought-after leadership positions within your current industry and organization. Many health and safety professionals choose this degree because it radically improves your ability to manage processes, people and projects.

Selecting a master’s program from Tulane doesn’t leave you feeling alone throughout your learning journey. The Tulane Virtual Campus is open to every distance student, introducing you to an online interactive classroom. These real-time classes allow you to interact with your lecturer and peers, while also gaining access to an exceptional health science library.

As health & safety specialist, Rogelio A., states, “Tulane University provided me with the ability to obtain a graduate degree from a well-respected school and helped me to maintain a full-time job. With a job that requires travel and late nights, their distance learning programs allow you to achieve each and every one of your educational goals.”

Academic accomplishment

The Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine distance learning route leads you towards a variety of outstanding roles and career prospects. By venturing into the virtual world of health sciences, you’ll acquire valuable skills that apply to the real world.

Since 1994, Tulane has delivered high-quality distance learning powered by state-of-the-art technology. Simulating its on-campus programs, each course meets for two-three hours in real-time once each week for a semester.  These regular sessions keep you engaged and inspired throughout your busy, everyday schedule, and if you ever miss a session, there’s the option to catch up via recorded lectures made available on Tulane’s online learning management system.

Many aspiring midcareer graduate students opt for online courses due to cost-effective prices and the freedom that they offer. This type of program allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own space; there’s no pressure to rush to lecture, spend tons of money on travel, or even to quit your current job, so you’ll save time, money, and enhance your career.

According to a comparison report, student learning in Tulane distance learning programs frequently produces equals (if not better) results than the traditional classroom setting. With technology enhanced learning and recorded lectures, students can visualize materials as well as review classes for studying and later reference.   Graduates of the distance learning program report the applicability of what they learn in class to their jobs and promotions based on skills obtained in their degree.

Michelle R., a Public Health Industrial Hygienist, says: “Tulane’s distance programs helped me to gain a background in public health (to compliment my environmental, health, and safety experience) and the degree even helped me land a job as an industrial hygienist at a state health department.”

Paramedic, Barbara W., adds: “The staff is excellent, helpful and pleasant to work with via phone or email. The course work was challenging and the information in the courses pertinent and timely.”

Daniel C., Senior Health and Safety Specialist, says: “I teach programs on safety for my organization and I have incorporated aspects of systems thinking that I have learned from Dr. Leemann into my classes. It’s great to see my student’s eyes light up when they understand the concepts that I learned from Tulane.”

Individualistic approach

Tulane adopts a concierge-level of service, meaning that the school’s online curriculum caters to your academic needs through its virtual campus. Enclosed within the virtual campus are a virtual classroom for real-time classes, the learning management system to manage materials and testing, access to a top university library and the ability to purchase software at university pricing.  Student services cannot be surpassed with dedicated tech support and academic advising.

An effective communication component that Tulane’s virtual classroom platform provides is the two-way audio and video system, allowing you to watch and listen as the instructor presents materials, with the ability to simultaneously discuss the topic and ask questions throughout. There is also the text chat feature which allows you to add comments, and a polling feature to encourage class responses. The invaluable ability to view lecture slides and share your screen to display materials for discussion should also not be overlooked.

It’s the school’s individualistic approach to professional and portable learning that attracts ambitious students. Your prospects are at the heart of Tulane’s teaching and learning framework. Once you pursue a distance learning course, your progress will be regularly monitored and evaluated by the faculty  and supported by our distance learning staff, who work together to ensure that your curriculum and virtual classroom experience are consistently excellent

As Erik S., MPH in Occupational Health and Safety Management student, explains: “Tulane’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine provides an excellent opportunity for full-time working professionals to reach educational goals. Synchronous learning sets their program apart from many others, and provides the opportunity for real-time Q&A with many prominent educators who are actively involved in the public and occupational health fields.”

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