Australian scholarship awards
With Australia reopening its borders in December, it's time to get your study abroad plans in place. Source: David Gray / AFP

With Australia reopening its borders, international students are relieved that they can soon travel to Australia and move forward with their studies after waiting for some 20 months.

The country is known as a bastion of higher education but international students often pay double or triple the fees that domestic students do. To cut costs, there are plenty of scholarships that will help cover the cost of tuition and accommodation.

Here are four Australian universities that offer scholarships for international students when you travel to Australia next year:

Source: University of Melbourne / Facebook

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers over 1,000 scholarships for students of all backgrounds. These scholarship come in all shapes and sizes — some are full remissions, while others only cover up to 2,000 Australian dollars; some require an application whileothers are automatically considered once you enrol. Some of their scholarships include:

Do note that these scholarships have different coverages and deadlines. You can check out their other scholarships here.

Source: Charles Darwin University Australia / Facebook

Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University offers over 30 scholarship for students to choose. They are highly competitive and are only awarded to a small number of students.

  • Maxwell Carment Honour Scholarship Humanities/Social Science
  • Minister for Women’s Scholarships – Higher Education
  • Sabaratnam Prathapan Scholarship
  • International House Darwin Community Scholarship

Do note that these scholarships have different coverages and deadlines, so be sure to check them out if applying. Click here for more details.

Source: Macquarie University / Facebook

Macquarie University

Macquarie University offers 26 scholarships for international students. Their scholarships are diverse and cover specific regions, target women, or help underrepresented groups study and travel to Australia.

Be sure to check their individual deadlines if applying. Check out their other scholarships here.

Source: Australian National University / Facebook

Australian National University

Australian National University offers over 200 scholarship for international students. They offer a wide array of scholarships for both specific and general courses. These scholarships don’t award many students annually so the competition is fierce, but they do award a large amount for their lucky recipients.

For more details, click here.