This Indian student can’t wait to join his uni’s soccer team in Australia

australian student visa
For Indian students like Paramjot Singh, this recent news is something he’s been looking forward to for 20 months now. He feels his status as a temporary student visa holder has been wasted throughout the pandemic but he’s determined to stay positive. Source: Paramjot Singh

All fully vaccinated Australian student visa holders will have the chance to return to campus in Australia from December this year. They no longer need to apply for a travel exemption.

For Indian students like Paramjot Singh, this is something he’s been looking forward to for 20 months now. The last year has felt like a waste to him, but he’s determined to stay positive. 

Below we ask this postgraduate student at Edith Cowan University (Joondalup Campus) his thoughts on this long-awaited news for Australian student visa holders and his future plans once he’s Down Under:

How long have you been locked out of the country despite being an Australian student visa holder?

I’ve been in India since March and stuck there for 20 months.

What are your thoughts on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent statement about students entering Australia?

For student visa holders, it brings a lot of hope. There are new students waiting for the border lift in Australia so unis and colleges get new enrolments.

What more should be done to inform and prepare you for your journey back?

As I’m a student visa holder with a temporary graduation visa, I’m hoping for the extension of my visa which has been wasted during the pandemic and not my fault.

What has your educational journey been like so far?

My journey has been awesome as I have a distinction in many subjects.

What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia besides your academic work?

I used to play soccer at uni so I want to join my team again.