Transform your halls into an Open House during Eid
It's time to celebrate Eid with your university friends!

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

It’s time to celebrate! Source: Giphy

If you’re one of the many international students who had to study hard during Ramadan, you’ll be happy that Eid has finally arrived so you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

But if you’re spending this celebratory month overseas and you’re missing home, you may want to transform your university halls into an Open House.

By hosting your own Open House with your roommates or course colleagues, you’ll expand your social circle and build up a network of friends. Of course, being away from familiar territories can feel quite lonely, especially during the month of Eid.

That’s why you should unlock your doors and let the positive vibes inside! There’s no harm in getting together and creating a scrumptious selection of snacks. Plus, this good deed won’t go unnoticed as your fellow companions will appreciate that you brought everyone together during this community-based month.

Spread the message

As you can see from the Study International poll below, you won’t be the only one who wants to host an Open House this year!

There may be many other students just like you on campus who are hoping to attend a few Open Houses, but many of them may be too shy to ask or host their own.

As Eid is all about togetherness and self-reflection, you shouldn’t be afraid to spread the message about your event. Creating this gathering may boost your self-confidence and you could only be studying overseas for a limited period of time, so why not make the most of it?

Plus, if you’re concerned about attendance rates you could design a few posters to stick up around campus or create a social media group to catch the interests of fellow students. But there are no set rules and however you wish to publicise it and however long you want it to be is entirely up to you!

Light up your Halls

Lanterns, banners and sparkling fairy lights are all enticing forms of decoration.

As with every Open House, it’s up to you how you wish to brighten it up. If you’re living in shared student accommodation, it may be a good idea to check with your housemates that they’re ok with having friends and strangers over to eat!

Some people may not be familiar with the event style, or what Eid Al-Fitr represents. That’s why it’s also wise to let your friends know that it marks the end of Ramadan and that you want to share this celebratory occasion with them. Especially if they’ve never been to an Open House before.

You could re-plan your living room in to fit in your expected and even unexpected guests. Don’t worry too much about formalities – not everyone will be looking for a chair and a table to sit at once they arrive. Why not place a few cushions and beanbags around the place for guests to rest on once they’re full and feeling merry?

Don’t forget the main attraction

What would an Open House be like without any FOOD?!

Grab all you can eat! Source: Giphy

The best part about any Open House is that there’s an endless amount of food to eat! Although, if you’re on a student budget and don’t have enough time or money to prepare a feast for attendees, then you could make it a B.Y.O event.

If everyone brought their own dish, sometimes known as ‘Pot Luck’, then it’s a win-win situation. You’ll keep costs down and get to try home-cooked meals from an assortment of cultures.

Food is always a great talking point. So if you’re stuck for conversation with new friends who’ve just walked in, you’ll soon bond over your favourite snack at the table and perhaps even share a recipe or two!

No matter where you are in the world or who you’re with, there’s always time to make light out of a sad situation. So if you’re feeling alone, just remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to host your own Open House, or even to help someone else host theirs.

In fact, hosting an open house isn’t the only way to enjoy Eid either. As you can see, here are a few more ways that Study International readers are choosing to celebrate this year…

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