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Texas Southern University: An inclusive, welcoming community for aspiring engineers

Situated in the heart of America’s fourth most populous city, Houston, is a university that’s making waves as one of the most diverse institutions in Texas. It boasts a 150-acre campus, hosts over 9,700 students and is known for its inclusivity, being one of the nation’s largest HBCUs (that’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities). 

Its name? Texas Southern University

Founded in 1927, Texas Southern University has established itself as an institution that develops the greatest potential in leaders from various socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. It is driven, first and foremost, by a goal to provide quality, innovative, and creative educational experiences for students from all walks of life. 

At Texas Southern University, difference is recognised and celebrated. The university is ranked among the top 100 universities in the US for its degrees across bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Professional doctoral programmes at Texas Southern University are among the top three in national rankings, proving its expertise in producing students that are paving the way towards academic excellence. 

Texas Southern University

At Texas Southern University, students are prepped for a successful career in engineering within a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. Source: Texas Southern University

“Texas Southern University is really the land of opportunity,” shares a student, and judging from the likes of the institution’s impressive list of alumni, this certainly rings true. The university has graduated the likes of members of Congress George “Mickey” Leland and Barbara Jordan — and, given its commitment to uplifting every student with a dream, will likely produce many more. 

For those preparing for a future in a STEM-related subject, head to the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. Located at the Western gate of the university, the college is home to nine departments spanning across biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental and interdisciplinary sciences, industrial technologies, physics, and transportation studies. 

Its Department of Engineering is committed to providing an application-oriented curriculum in engineering and engineering technology. Here, students prepare for competitive careers as engineers and engineering technologists, all of whom are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to succeed in their roles. 

Five challenging and innovative programmes are offered at the department: the BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Electronics Engineering Technology, BS in Computer Engineering Technology, and BS in Civil Engineering Technology

Texas Southern University

Students at Texas Southern University are supported by a robust and diverse faculty, as well as laboratories designed to enhance their learning. Source: Texas Southern University

Each programme is designed to ensure students are provided with quality instruction, basic and applied research, and scholarship that are responsive to community issues, and opportunities for public service that benefit the community and the world. They’re supported by a range of laboratories created to identify and address every student’s academic need, including a Control Lab, Electronics Computer Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Geotechnical/Material Testing Lab, and a Multipurpose Engineering Computer Lab. 

Faculty at the Department of Engineering are composed of diverse and knowledgeable professors and specialists, all of whom are committed to fostering the potential of all students at Texas Southern University. 

To prepare for their future careers, students also have access to a robust Career and Professional Development Centre that marries the ambitious student with supportive encouragement and a broad range of opportunities to choose from. Learn about your skills and interests and articulate them confidently in resumes, cover letters, interviews and personal statements. Here, every student is given the chance to shine — and, most importantly, a fair possibility of landing their dream career. 

More than that, the university is located in Texas — a state that’s well recognised for cultivating some of America’s strongest personalities. With a rich history of rebellion and a pursuit for freedom, Texas is personalised by its vibrant, strong-willed community and distinctly American culture. It’s home to some of the most beautiful sights the US has to offer, with vast terrains and land that seemingly stretch on forever. 

Texas Southern University

Learn alongside talented, creative and innovative students from all backgrounds. Source: Texas Southern University

Today, it’s known as the second most diverse state in the US. Students from all over the world are attracted to the fascinating state, from its promise of great outdoor adventures to its collection of museums, space centres, and parks. For ambitious students, the Lone Star State is the ninth largest economy among the nations of the world, offering a business-friendly environment and easy access to global markets. 

This certainly makes Texas Southern University an ideal destination for any international student. “Everyone here has your best interests at heart,” enthuses a student — and with its inclusive community and welcoming network, anyone would be hard-pressed to disagree. 

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