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Taylors College Sydney: The best first step to Australia’s top university

Explore the Sydney suburb of Waterloo and you’ll discover an unrivalled pathway to an educational journey of a lifetime. Taylors College Sydney has a long history of over 20 years, preparing students to join the University of Sydney –– one of the world’s top 40 universities and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight network.

The comprehensive University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) provides learners with the exact training they will need to achieve stellar grades.

The USFP’s compulsory subjects are English A and English B, plus subjects dependent on your degree, such as Mathematics for Business, Mathematics for Science, Music Core Theory and Music Core Performance, or Visual Arts and Design. Electives include Accounting, Australian Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Social Science, Government and Law, and more.

Taylors College helped Arthika from Sri Lanka customise a program to achieve her ultimate goal of pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney. “It’s been a lifelong dream,” she enthuses.

“The superiority of Sydney over other universities is unimaginable. Our English teachers trained us so well on how to reference in an academic writing piece that when it comes to it, we rule over the others! There’s no better place to start in Sydney than Taylors!”

Taylors College

Ninety-six percent of USFP students received offers to the University of Sydney in 2020. Source: Taylors College

Thanks to the college’s reputation for resilience and agility, starting has never been easier.  In fact, 96% of USFP students received offers to the University of Sydney in 2020. Even in light of COVID-19 restrictions, Taylors College students could complete their courses fully or partially online and successfully progress to their University of Sydney degree.

Complaints were few, if any, given the program’s smooth delivery. Arthika is among the 80% of students who were fully satisfied with their experience.

This was, by no means, the only way Taylors College supported students during a difficult time. Throughout global disruption, as part of Study Group Australia, and alongside the University of Sydney, the college provided unique solutions to students in need of various forms of support.

In Shanghai, Taylors College opened a flagship remote learning centre at the Xuhui campus of the Shanghai Institute of Technology. USFP students could board and study on campus and join live lectures and tutorials online, facilitated by virtual educators based in Sydney and attend English conversation clubs at the Shanghai Centre.

This centre came with full access to the institute’s academic, outdoor leisure and advisory facilities too. Students also live on campus in designated dormitories. There is little wonder why 73% of students said the centre had a positive impact on their learning experience since its opening in March 2021.

Being a Taylors College student based in Hong Kong is just as exciting. Thanks to the college’s collaboration with WeWork, USFP students in the island nation enjoy free, unlimited access to flexible hot desk workspaces at YF Life Tower in the heart of Hong Kong Island. The space is equipped with everything a student will need such as high-speed wi-fi, printers, audio and visual equipment, stationery supplies, complimentary refreshments and more.

Taylors College

Taylors College is offering a 20% contribution to eligible students applying for foundation studies. Source: Taylors College

While the world slowly but steadily returns to normal, these perks will remain. Those concerned about finances will be happy to know that Taylors College is offering a 20% contribution to eligible students applying for foundation studies. The Taylors College Sydney Award is automatically applied to eligible international students and will be reflected in their letter of offer.

Students who apply now have far more to look forward to once travel restrictions are lifted. These initiatives were set in place to give students just a feel of what awaits. In Sydney, Taylors College’s purpose-built campus has it all. From a well-stocked library, computer and science laboratories, art and design studios to a music suite, gadgets for astronomy, multiple common rooms, and a health centre –– there are plenty of spaces where international students can forge meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

Stephanie from China, a USFP graduate, credits the college for making her study abroad adventure one to remember. When the pandemic reached its peak, she witnessed many of her Taylors College faculty members stepping in to take charge. Today, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Sydney –– an accomplishment she wouldn’t have been able to achieve without them.

She offers some key advice to students looking to follow in her footsteps: “Plan your future as early as possible and manage your time effectively. Online courses are a good choice and the teachers at Taylors College are friendly and professional.”

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