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Taylors College: Effective pathway, prestigious results

The University of Sydney is one of the best universities in Australia and is consistently ranked in the top 50 universities in the world. For graduate employability, it is ranked first in Australia for the past five years, and fourth in the world. Getting into this Group of Eight university is competitive, but not for Taylors College graduates.

Taylors College’s University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) provides the knowledge and training to succeed at Australia’s most prestigious university. USFP graduate Joey Jiale Zhu is now studying a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney. He credits the rigorous, focused and — most importantly — effective USFP for getting him to where he is today.

From having classes in academic English to learning crucial communication skills, these experiences prepared him to study and live in Australia. Hailing from China, and a completely different academic environment, this was an invaluable first step. “Taylors College did prepare me with useful skills, like presentation and essay writing skills,” he explains. “I’ve made a lot of progress year by year, step by step. I find myself writing better reports and essays. And it all started with my Taylors College education.”

Fellow graduate Andrew agrees. The Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws student at the University of Sydney enthuses, “USFP is a really good program, designed not only to allow you to study at a prestigious uni, but also to be able to do well in it.”

Taylors College

Ease into an elite Australian education system with Taylors College. Source: Taylors College

The standard program spans 52 weeks and is split into two semesters. Students take five subjects per semester and spend 25 hours in class per week. Intake start dates are in February and July. Subjects can be tailored to build the foundation for an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney.

A more intensive structure — spanning 39 weeks with intakes in April and October — is available for those with a higher level of English language proficiency and seeking a Science/Commerce degree. Those who want to dive into Extended English, Australian Identity, Essential Computing Skills and Essential Student Skills Course — in addition to compulsory subjects — can opt for the Extended 72-week Program.

All programs are full-time and take place on campus, save for the compulsory online tutorial on Academic Integrity generally completed in Orientation but of no mark value. All USFP enrollees will be eligible to receive a conditional offer to a degree at the University of Sydney on successful completion of the USFP.

It’s a pathway to success — in 2019, 97% of USFP students received offers to the University of Sydney. “Taylors College and USFP played a fundamental role in giving me the space and time to really figure out what I’m interested in studying, how I was going to do that and get to my goals,” shares Duranka Jayasinghe. “It also gave me a bit of time to get used to the culture here in Australia, the people, the geography. It really made me feel a bit more at home when I started my university studies. I could jump straight into it.”

Taylors College

Taylors College supports students from the time they enrol through to completion. Source: Taylors College

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, some Taylors College students have remained in their home country. Their academic progress, however, continues. Four in five Taylors College Sydney students are studying in virtual classrooms. Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — 99% of students who started their course online in late April indicated they are satisfied with their course so far, 80% said they are highly satisfied with the quality of their online study materials and the interaction with their teachers online. When pandemic-related restrictions lift, they can continue their studies in Australia’s largest and most famous city.

Supportive teachers make learning — on-site and online — enjoyable and productive for Taylors College students. Tianyue (Shirley) Xia is a recipient of the Sue Harlen Merit Scholarship that is valued at 16,000 Australian dollars. More than just financial aid, it’s a source of motivation, spurring her to cultivate diverse abilities and leadership skills. To Xia, however, the best source of support has always been her Taylors College teachers. Classes are relaxed, allowing her to ask questions freely. “Almost every teacher I met was amiable and I have a good relationship with all of them,” she shares. “Taylors is a school full of kindness and leaves me with unforgettable memories.”

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