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Swansea University: Where Indian students find success

Swansea University is where bright futures begin. Just ask Madhav Pandya from India. He has yet to complete his programme but is confident he’ll be an in-demand graduate by the time he does.

Through the BSc Computer Science programme, he has satisfied his childhood curiosity by gaining a better understanding of the science behind technology. To him, the most riveting courses revolve around programming, optimisation, concurrency, and software engineering — all of which have laid a solid foundation for the modules in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning that he will take on later this year.

Madhav is ready for just about anything, thanks to the invaluable experience he started to gain as soon as he got to Swansea. He has three part-time jobs at the university — content creator, teaching assistant and student ambassador. “These roles have helped me build strong skillsets in public speaking, effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and, of course, time management,” Madhav shares.

These skills are important for anyone starting their careers today. It is precisely why Swansea University prioritises giving students opportunities to earn while learning right on campus. Its award-winning Student Ambassador programme alone employs around 500 students annually to work on open days, events, campaigns, and more.

Staying busy helped Madhav discover his love for helping others, which sparked his passion for content creation and the launch of his own YouTube channel. Crafted especially for Indian students wanting to study in the UK, his channel’s first vlog garnered an impressive 23,000 views.

Source: Swansea University

Source: Swansea University

None of these responsibilities took a backseat when it was time for him to begin his Year in Industry with TechnoCamps as a Delivery Assistant. In his role, he developed and delivered Computer Science and Digital Technology-related workshops in schools, colleges, and universities across Wales. He also handles many Software Development tasks, including website development and management, developing an app, and other small projects within the company itself, which just so happens to be led by his Computer Science professors. “I have been lucky to work with them,” he enthuses.

“I now have vast experience in working in an office and alongside different schools and students, and a better understanding of UK work culture. This past year has given me immense professional growth and has made me more confident for my next step. The placement was unforgettable and truly the most enjoyable experience of my life.”

Equipped with a clearer vision of his post-graduation aspirations, Madhav returned to campus determined to stay productive. To him, there’s no such thing as wearing too many hats, evident through the fact he was recently elected as the president of the Indian Society and a committee member of the Hindu Society.

Source: Swansea University

Source: Swansea University

The BSc Psychology graduate invited several like-minded members to join her, secured sponsorship from various venues, created adverts and arranged for custom-made merchandise to be handed out during fresher’s week.

“By September that year, I was selected as the society’s president,” she recalls. “While this seemed quite daunting at the start, with the support of the department and the committee members, we managed to end the year with more than 150 society members.”

Rewa credits her achievement to the confidence she developed as a new student at Swansea. Immediately upon joining, she volunteered with Discovery SVS — a student-led charity that makes a difference to people’s lives. One of her most impactful projects entailed creating simple structures from Lego blocks and uploading pictures of them with instructions for children to recreate. “This allowed me to bring out my creative side and was quite refreshing between all the readings and assignments,” she says. Hence why she had no plans on stopping.

Eventually, Rewa applied to become a project coordinator, leading volunteers on the NHS Packs project, which focused on conceptualising, assembling and distributing activity packs to hospital patients. Then, in her final year, she was voted into the Board of Trustees and worked in the fundraising department.

“I strongly believe working in these various roles have provided me with transferrable skills and work experience that has significantly contributed to my overall employability,” shares the alumna.

“Being a trustee helped improve my business acumen, decision-making and benefits negotiation skills. As president of the Psychology Society, I enhanced my teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Today, I certainly feel much more confident and prepared to apply for jobs having a solid academic background as well as a strong work experience.”

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to understand why 93% of Swansea University graduates are in employment, further study or are participating in other activities within 15 months of completing their studies. To follow in their footsteps, visit the university’s website today. To find out what else international students love about studying at Swansea University, explore its brand new podcast.

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