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4 reasons why you should study Engineering at Swansea University

Few purpose-built campuses can house award-winning teaching, world-class research and fun-filled excursions the way Swansea University can — making it an apt choice for aspiring engineers on the hunt for an enriching education.

Engineering at Swansea University is dynamic. It is where impact is emphasised, and quality student experiences are prioritised. All opportunities are open to both aspiring undergraduates or postgraduates looking to become future leaders, industry champions or world-changing researchers. Here are just four of the many ways Swansea University guarantees their success:

Unforgettable student experience

We all know an engineering course can be rigorous, which is precisely why Swansea University keeps its environment vibrant.

Student Radhika Patel attests to this, stating: “Chemical Engineering is a very demanding course, but the University provides all the resources and support you need to follow your chosen career path.”

For its keen focus on student experience and its unique ability to keep learners happy, Swansea University ranks among the Top 15 in the UK for Course Satisfaction (Guardian University Guide 2023). Many international students who choose Swansea University spend days rich in insight, knowledge and fun.

“There are all sorts of people that have come from different parts of the world to study at this university,” says Software Engineering student Khalid Evans. “You will never feel like the odd one out. Swansea University cares about all their students and has funded so many societies such as the Islamic society, as well as the Saudi, Qatar, and Kuwait societies.”

Well-rounded courses

Source: Swansea University

Engineering at Swansea offers students hands-on learning and world-class facilities. Source: Swansea University

Engineering at Swansea offers students hands-on learning and world-class facilities. Source: Swansea University 

Engineering at Swansea University offers accredited degrees in the following disciplines: Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electronic and Electrical, General Engineering, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Each route comes with unlimited access to supportive faculty members, outstanding facilities and rare experiential learning opportunities — a winning formula for a well-rounded engineering education. The University’s industry connections play a pivotal role in helping learners evolve into well-equipped professionals capable of meeting industry demands.

A prime example of Swansea’s unique ability to boost Employability is an opportunity that sees students taking flying lessons in their first year. Throughout the course, they work with facilities like the Merlin MPX521 Engineering Flight Simulator, the JetCat P120 Engine and multiple wind tunnels. It’s little wonder why Swansea University’s engineering graduates easily secure employment.

Lucrative careers with high-salary opportunities

According to HESA 2022, 93% of Swansea University graduates are currently employed, in study or in other activities. The University credits this number to the Swansea Employability Academy (SEA), where students can seek out internship placements aligned with their career aspirations.

Lucy Griffiths, Head of the SEA shares: “Central always to SEA’s mission is equality, diversity, and inclusivity, to level the playing field for all our students and graduates, and we couldn’t deliver this, and our other strategic goals, without excellent partnership working and a strong focus on strategic innovation.”

These connections have undoubtedly produced industry-ready professionals. Today, Swansea University’s engineering graduates can be found flexing their skills at Rolls Royce, Airbus, BAE Systems, GE Aviation, Royal Air Force and Jaguar Land Rover, amongst many other thriving organisations. Six months after graduating, they land an average graduate salary of 25,000 pounds.

A tranquil, yet vibrant student destination

Swansea University spans two stunning campuses at each end of Swansea’s waterfront — Singleton Park is set in mature parkland and botanical gardens, overlooking Swansea Bay beach while Bay Campus is located on the beach on the eastern approach into Swansea. The bustling dual-campus is just as accessible as it is beautiful. With easy access to public transportation, students find themselves exploring the city without a hassle.

“If you are seeking a serene environment for learning and development, with close access to the beach to relax at intervals, I strongly believe Swansea University is your top choice,” says Muftau Baruwa. “It is a peaceful city, and most of the people I have met from taxi drivers, to shopkeepers and top professionals have been very nice, thus making Swansea a home away from home.”

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