Students share the most important thing they learnt this year

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As we wave goodbye to 2017, and welcome 2018, take note of these students' advice. Source:

This year has been a whirlwind. Lessons were learnt inside and outside class by students all over the world in 2017. We spoke to students from near and far to hear their most valuable lesson of the year.

Take this advice with you as we enter 2018.


“Don’t force yourself to be friends with people just for the sake of having lots of friends in halls or wherever, because chances are they’re not gonna stick around anyway.”


“Always listen to and seek feedback.”


“It’s the most free time you’ll probably ever have until you retire. Make the most of it.”


“If you are studying in the UK or somewhere else cold, like me, learn how to use the heating in your house before winter comes!”

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“You’re the only person that can make changes and you’d be surprised how big you can make them, even when you think it’s too late.”


“Leaky toilets can end up costing you a grand in wasted water.”


“Grades are important depending on the outcome you want, and you only get them with hard work and discipline. For that, passion is key. But no matter what, your mental health comes first. Make decisions you’re happy with but don’t pressure yourself.”


“I learnt more about myself this year. I learnt useful things like communication and teamwork but, most importantly, I accepted myself.”

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“Drinking is evil, stopping impossible, work occasionally.”


“Uni teaches you to live on your own, for example how to cook, gain new relationships and how to deal with them when they are going well or upsetting you. I have learnt loads of life skills but mainly how to be independent.”


“When teachers say you have to be in class to get a good grade, they lie.”


“Always make room for fun.”

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“Don’t let anyone hold you back and try not to care what others think […] it is your uni experience and no one else’s.”


“You can do all the lectures and studying in the world, but where you really learn the most in the end is by doing. I probably learnt more in my three months of placement over the summer this year than in all the years of studying preceding it.

“I have learnt the value of practical work experience.”


“If you do tequila shots, don’t expect a bus at 3 in the morning. Plus, don’t dwell on the negatives, always see the positive side to feel better.”


“Even though someone may seem more confident it doesn’t mean they’re smarter than you or that they have more potential.

“At the end of the day, no one knows anything for certain so don’t burn yourself out obsessing over the fact that other people seem to have a better grip of the course than you – because they probably don’t.”

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“I learnt how to handle my drink… oh no, I didn’t.

“But seriously,  I learnt that people aren’t always who they appear to be at first.”


“Learn to balance work and fun. Plus, it takes time to find out who your true friends are.”


“Your priorities should go like this:
1st: mental health
2nd: uni deadlines and social life
3rd: job
Stop the 3rd if you’re going to sacrifice 1 and 2.”

“I also learnt that sleep is SO important and that you need to give your body and mind time to heal itself. The hours when you should be sleeping aren’t extra hours to study – they are to rest and let your brain process the work you’ve already done.”

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No matter what this year brought you, no doubt you have learnt a lot along the way – and not just in your lectures. Heed this advice as you make your way into 2018. Here at Study International, we wish you every success.

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