Freshers: what you expect vs what actually happens. Source: Shutterstock.
Freshers: what you expect vs what actually happens. Source: Shutterstock.

Freshers week is notorious for its fun and carefree atmosphere. There are so many people to meet and there is so much to discover.

Of course, freshers is different for everyone. But no matter who you are or where you are going to study, it is almost guaranteed that not quite all your expectations will match the reality. Freshers week can be an emotionally (and sometimes physically) messy time but it is certainly a time full of excitement, fun, and promise.

Here are some of the things you may have been telling yourself before the week began.

1. I won’t cry when my family leave

Cue the tears.

You may be pretty set on not crying when mum, dad, brother, sister, the family cat, whoever says goodbye, but it is surprising how quiet the room may feel once they do.

But, never fear! Prop open your door, put on some music you love, and smile your sparkly-est smile and you will have some company in no time.

2. I’ll meet my best friend ever, ever on the first day

While it is possible you could meet your absolute soulmate (romantic or otherwise) on day one, it is rather unlikely.

Students tend to cling to one another in the first few weeks. Everyone is your new best friend. But after the magic of freshers this sometimes wears off.

There are no doubt thousands of students at your university and equally as many different ways to meet them. Whether you meet them through a society, in the library, on your course, in your accommodation building, or just on the street, you will find people you connect with.

It can feel disheartening if the people you meet initially don’t end up being your close friends but there are always ways to meet new people at the university.

3. I will cook healthily and avoid takeaways

Two nights later…

Freshers week can be rather draining. It’s like the first day of school on steroids. There is so much to take in and learn, so many new faces, so much excitement and everything is sparkly and new. The last thing you want to be doing when you get in from a long day of exploring your new world is to cook.

Let’s face it, you never really believed you’d avoid pizza!

4. We will keep the flat really clean

You dreamt of a beautiful room, flawless kitchen and spacious living area. You didn’t quite get that but it’s home nonetheless. In your pride, you and your flatmates drew up a cleaning rota and divided the chores equally.

It’s Wednesday and Felicity still hasn’t taken the bins out so you’re not going to sweep and mop. That’ll show her!

You can just pretend though, right?

5. I will read the entire reading list before lectures begin so I am ahead

Who knew there were so many words in textbooks?!

It is great to go to university keen and prepared. You are there to get a degree after all. You enthusiastically buy every book on the reading list only to realise you need roughly three of them to study. Maybe you’ll just stick to those…

Or wait until you really need them for an essay. What is “extra reading” anyway?

6. I will be very cool and not embarrass myself

That lasted all of three minutes.

Whether or not alcohol is involved, chances are you will embarrass yourself somehow over the course of the first week or two. Everyone is on such an emotional roller-coaster, they probably didn’t notice and are too concerned with the embarrassing thing they did.

7. You’ll get up on time for everything you need to do in the day

The mornings of freshers week are often a struggle. Whether you’re a big drinker or not, the excitement mixed with regular late nights can be a troublesome combination when your alarm goes off.

After pressing snooze several times you may crawl out of bed and (hopefully) make it to that lecture. No promises on your attention span throughout. At least you made it out the house though, hey?

There is no right or wrong way to do freshers week so just relax, have fun, talk to people, and be yourself. You have the whole rest of the year to work out how to do everything else!

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