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International students can take advantage of all the promotions available throughout various different websites, platforms and cards in the UK. Source: Shutterstock

We all thought we’d see the sterling pound drop after the whole Brexit conundrum — how wrong we were! Today, it’s still one of the world’s strongest currencies, higher than the euro. So let’s call a spade a spade: studying and living in the UK is getting more expensive by the day. Yet, half a million students continue to flock to the UK every year for higher education. They’ve survived, thrived and some even made a pretty penny on the side, by taking on freelance work, tutoring, or writingNow, things are a little tougher in the middle of a pandemic, but you too can afford to study in the UK with a little help from student discounts.

International Student Discount Card (ISIC)

The ISIC is a sort of passport for students to get amazing discounts and services in the UK and globally. It’s the only internationally-recognised student ID card and is currently used by five million students from 125 countries. 

There are deals on accommodation, magazine subscriptions, transport services and good ol’ retail therapy. If you are a full-time student at uni, you are eligible to sign up. Cost? 12 pounds a year with a small additional cost of three pounds for the card. 

TOTUM Reduction Card

TOTUM — previously “NUS Extra” — is the only student discount card with accredited proof of age ID and endorsed by the National Union of Students (NUS). This card gives you access to over 350 offers and student discounts. At only 12 pounds a year, a student can save up to 500 pounds with all these crazy offers. 

UNiDAYS Discount Card

UNiDAYS offers discounts for  sixth form, college and university students. This card is a valid mobile app you can download free for student discounts in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. With exclusive videos, giveaways, and tips and advice, who wouldn’t want to make use of this incredible platform?

Student Beans

This website was founded in 2005, and named after a British staple: baked beans. Members are eligible for various and unique student discounts from over 650 of the world’s biggest brands in fashion, technology, food, entertainment and more. It is currently used by students in over 150 countries. 

student discounts

ASK Italian is a popular casual dining restaurant chain in 120 different locations in the UK, making it a great option for students. Source: Shutterstock

Restaurant discounts

At ASK Italian, you can get an average of 40% off the total bill on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 25% on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with a TOTUM card. For Domino’s Pizza, students get 35% off through online purchases with a minimum spend of 25 pounds showing your UNiDAYS card. If you download the Gourmet Burger Kitchen app, simply show it to them and you can get a 25% discount on food! Do doughnuts tickle your fancy? Krispy Kreme has a 10% discount for students with NUS Extra cards. For PizzaExpress, get 30% off your food and drink from Sundays to Thursdays. Have your slice and eat it — all you need is a valid UNiDAYS membership or a TOTUM card.