Steyning Grammar School is a place where passions rise, friendships thrive, and excellence reigns.
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Steyning Grammar School: Where passions soar, friendships flourish, and excellence prevails

Born and raised in Wales, Maisie Miller’s passion for football ignited at the tender age of 10. She took her first steps on the football field as a member of the Talycopa team. Then, she moved on to Pontardawe, where she became an integral part of an exceptional girls’ squad guided by extraordinary coaches. As her talent continued to flourish, she was granted the honour of donning a jersey for the Youth National Teams. At 15, Miller decided to take a leap of faith into the world of women’s football.

Maisie Miller,Maisie Miller joined Albion at the beginning of the 2021/22 season, having played for Wales at under-17 level.

Maisie Miller, one of Steyning Grammar School’s, exceptionally talented youth. She joined Albion at the beginning of the 2021/22 season, having played for Wales at under-17 level.

Yet, even as her footballing dreams soared, the teen recognised the importance of a well-rounded education that could broaden her intellectual horizons while advancing her passion for the game she knew and loved. This led her to Steyning Grammar School, an institution renowned for allowing students’ aspirations to thrive harmoniously alongside their studies. True enough, Miller, a full-time boarding student, has been both excelling in her studies and training four to five times a week — a combination sure to prepare her for life both on and off the pitch. None of it would be possible without Steyning’s supportive and experienced Boarding Team.

“The Physical Education Department has been incredibly supportive and interested in my football career with advice, tips and guidance for match days,” she says. “My Biology teachers have been happy to provide additional support in boarding if I miss a lesson due to a football match. I have also developed close bonds with the houseparents who came to watch my final game of the season. They have even driven me to my football training sessions.”

Year 11 &12, actively taking part in Steyning Grammar School's annual Jailbreak.

Year 11 & 12, actively taking part in Steyning Grammar School’s annual Jailbreak. In which students are challenged to escape from Jail (Steyning Grammar School) and are given 36 hours to get as far as way as possible without spending any of their own money on travel, whilst raising money for a charity of their choice.

It’s worth mentioning that these professionals aren’t just there for Miller when she needs them to be. In fact, her boarding tutors go the extra mile by scheduling regular catch-up sessions to ensure the student is getting some downtime. They also play a crucial role in helping learners juggle their commitments and Miller has been able to participate in various enriching opportunities.  These activities not only provide a break from her intense training regimen but also brings her closer to her peers.

“House events unite students to celebrate our cultural diversity with an international menu,” she says. “The Harry Potter feast was incredible — we were all given capes and assigned to a Hogwarts house. The staff dressed up in costumes and really got into the spirit of things. The hardest thing was keeping this event a secret from the rest of the students as I worked on the committee to organise it! Students also get the chance to suggest trips and new experiences to try, as well as enjoy some favourites, such as Christmas Ice Skating in Brighton.”

Through these opportunities, Miller finds joy, camaraderie, and new avenues for personal growth — which is precisely why once she graduates, while there will be a lot to look forward to, there will certainly be a lot to miss as Boarding is a home from home and students feel a strong sense of belonging within this community.

Steyning Grammar School receiving a glowing Ofsted report for our boarding provision.

Steyning Grammar School’s, Mr Leighton, Director of Boarding, receiving a glowing Ofsted report for their outstanding boarding provision.

Upon graduating, Miller plans to continue draw upon she character she has developed during her time at school, tackling challenges and opportunities in her stride. She plans to play professional football and represent her country, but this won’t mark the end of her academic career — her dedicated educators made sure of it.

“I have completed my personal statement and UCAS application, so I have a backup option when I am ready to hang up my boots,” Miller says. “The support I received has helped me consider the next steps after a sporting career and to explore the best courses available to suit my interests and skills. No matter what, I will have my A Levels to progress to university where I would like to study Physiotherapy or Sports Psychology.”

Miller’s story proves that Steyning Grammar School is more than just a place to learn; it’s a launchpad for lifelong success. It is driven by a commitment to holistic education that transcends academics alone. At its core lies an unwavering dedication to pastoral care, health, and well-being support, ensuring each student feels valued, uplifted, and nurtured.

Steyning Grammar School, annual school production, where all year groups, can actively take part in the creative arts.

Steyning Grammar School’s, annual theatrical production, where all year groups, have an opporutnity to actively take part in the creative arts.

This commitment is exemplified through a range of offerings, including character-building boarding, literacy training, and a forward-thinking embrace of technology as a catalyst for growth. Moreover, Steyning instils in its students a sense of service, fostering compassion and empathy as they make a positive impact on the world.

Armed with these comprehensive skills, Steyning students are empowered to tackle any challenge on their path, regardless of their aspirations. But it’s not only student-athletes like Miller who find their place here. The school boasts a diverse range of weekly clubs and enrichment programmes to cater to various interests. Explore the full list here and witness the boundless opportunities that Steyning offers. Indeed, this is a place where dreams take flight, and the foundation for a prosperous future is carefully laid.

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